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The Advent Advantage has many facets that combine to create a unique educational foundation. Our Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade students are actively engaged in a supportive learning environment that has produced life-long learners since 1950. They start here, and go on to do the amazing!

Academic Excellence – Our students achieve! They leave Advent very prepared to succeed at the most demanding high schools in the country. The rigorous Advent curriculum has been proven to equip our students with the knowledge and skill set that makes them highly recruited. Advent has received the AISA President’s Award, given to the highest performing K-8 independent school in the state, for the last four consecutive years.

Pre-K-8 РThe atmosphere at Advent encourages academic and personal achievement by allowing students the freedom to be themselves. Without the associated pressures of a high school environment, our students enjoy more camaraderie, more parental involvement, and additional teacher focus. This setting is also a natural incubator for leadership.

Supportive Community – Our supportive community plays an integral role in propelling our students to reach and exceed their goals. Faculty, staff, and parents partner together to create a nurturing and wholesome environment with a Christian basis of support and encouragement.

Downtown Campus – The Advent campus is unique in its downtown location. Cultural and entertainment venues are literally within walking distance. The campus is designed to facilitate the comfort, interaction, safety, and flow of younger students – with access to technology integrated into every facet. Advent has received the¬†Attorney General’s Alabama Safe Schools Initiative Award of Excellence.

Diversity as Excellence – The Advent student body is reflective of the rich diversity of Birmingham. Because this diversity is a normal part of life for Advent students, our students maneuver comfortably among people of different social, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.

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Advent Episcopal School