Better Engagement with Your Audience and Fans with 3D Virtual Tours by ShowcasePros

Better Engagement with Your Audience and Fans with 3D Virtual Tours by ShowcasePros

How Virtual Tours + eCommerce Can Enhance Retail

  • Out-of-towners and Cross-towners love being able to preview places that they intend to visit

  • People who can’t travel or have impairments will be able to experience your location

  • Create more engagement with visitors wanting to know more about your place

  • Your Location is now highly shareable

  • Embed your tour on your website and social media to drive a greater audience

  • A Virtual Tour is not just a chance to let people experience your products in a more natural environment, you can detail products by embedding images, audio, video, and text to tell a much richer story

  • Using Virtual Tours and adding eCommerce, people can continue to buy your products even if they can’t visit your store in person

  • Enhance the shopping experience is broadened with a Virtual Tour by tagging products with details and a link to purchase

  • When visitors physically arrive,  they have a better understanding of your place





How it works

ShowcasePros’ captures your place by scanning your location.  We learn about the features and uniquenesses.  Depending on complexity, We capture 4,000 to 6,000 square feet per hour.  Some locations will require more than one day of scanning.  We have years of experience and we use best practices to give you the best results.  Once it has been collected we upload for processing.  Once processed, we provide a preliminary view, allowing our customers to see the results early.

Don’t worry, it will be stunning.  Our equipment handles lighting and creates HQ photos.

We will then work with you on discover features that you would like highlighted in your tour.  Provide us any URL’s to access media and other online content.  These will appear in your tour as Interactive hotspots.  These can include Video, Feature Highlights and Links for booking system.

Share with ease.  you can share your tour using social media or traditional methods.  Your tour is available on any connected device with a browser.  Visitors explore through their web browser — no additional apps or downloads necessary.

Your tour can be embedded on on your website or other marketing portals.  We can also can publish your tour to Google Street View, Google Maps, and Google My Business page.

We can help you with any of your marketing goals and special requests.

Immersive 3D Virtual Tour Package – $499

  • Matterport True 3D™ Immersive Tour created by ShowcasePros
  • Guided Tour
  • Interactive Multimedia Hotspots and Labels
  • Fly-through Teaser Video Tour for Social Media
  • Color Graded Photo Package
  • Publish to Google Street Views, Google Maps and Google Business Page
  • Google Location Map for Driving Directions
  • Branded Digital Brochure for Social Sharing
  • Embed Code for including on your website
  • Floor plans with Labels and Room Dimensions –  Available
  • Capture Time at $59 / Hour
  • Additional Post Production at $59 / Hour
  • Includes Processing. and Hosting for 12 Months
  • Additional hosting at $119 / Year or $189 / Year for 100 Scans+ Projects
  • MP4 Version of Tour at $99 or Professionally Edited at $199 (includes licensed music, branding, intro/outro)