The Houston Oilers of the American Football League ended the 1961 season with a record of 10 wins and 3 losses and 1 ties, finishing first in the AFL's East Division. 1994: Without Warren Moon the Oilers get off to a miserable start losing nine of their first ten games before Coach Jack Pardee is fired and replaced by Jeff Fisher.

Lou Rymkus coached the team. This blog about Houston Oilers – Sports Ecyclopedia, is a very usefull and 1976: The Oilers get off to another strong start at 4-1. Following the season, the rebuilding process started with the trade of Warren Moon to the Minnesota Vikings. 1985: With hopes of improving the running game the Oilers sign former Heisman Trophy winner Mike Rozier away form the USFL. Jerry Glanville would coach the Oilers in their last two games as the Oilers lost and finished with a 5-11 record. 1993: Following the disaster in Buffalo, owner Bud Adams gives players one more season to get to the Super Bowl, before he cuts baits and decides to rebuild. The Oilers would start the season off by winning their first game at the Astrodome 21-14 over the San Diego Chargers. In the playoffs the Oilers season would end quickly with a 41-14 loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati. 1979: Earl Campbell continues to establish himself as the best Ruinning Backs in the league winning the Offensive Player of the year again while claming the NFL MVP, by rushing for an NFL best 1,697 yards, while scoring 19 Touchdowns. The Oilers would win their last three games to finish with a 4-9-1 record, but Hughes was still fired, and replaced by Bill Peterson.

The Oilers would go on to finish with an 11-5 record, as they had to settle for the Wild Card again after losing the division via tiebreaker. NFL players risk serious injury on nearly every play, so a consultation with an Austin Lasik expert should be a no-brainer.

The Oilers would win three of their last four games to finish with a 9-7 record, which helped them squeak into the playoffs as the sixth seed. However, the cold weather would not bother the Oilers 31-14 to earn a trip to Pittsburgh with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. 1960: Bud Adams, a founding member of the upstart American Football League hires Lou Rymkus to coach his team in Houston known as the Oilers. The Oilers would end up losing their final game at the Astrodome 21-13 to the Cincinnati Bengals. Under new coach Pop Ivy the Oilers would play shaky football in the first half holding a 4-3 record, before go on another season ending seven game winning streak to win the Eastern Division for the third year in a row with an 11-3 record.

1971: The Oilers get off to a dreadful start going winless trough their first six games, before beating the Cincinnati Bengals 10-6 at the Astrodome. The Houston Oilers of the American Football League ended the 1961 season with a record of 10 wins and 3 losses and 1 ties, finishing first in the AFL's East Division. 1982: After losing their season opener the Oilers beat the Seattle Seahawks at the Astrodome 23-21, as the Oilers season was frozen at 1-1 before a two month player’s strike. The Oilers would get off to a shaky start losing four of their first five games, culminating with a 35-7 loss on Monday night to the Bills in Buffalo.

In the AFL Championship the Oilers would travel to San Diego for a rematch with the Chargers.

Once some key players returned the Oilers would finish the season on a strong note to finish with an 8-6 record.

The Oilers would continue to struggle losing their next three games, sealing the fate of Coach Ed Hughes. 1981: The Oilers get the season started with a bang as Rookie Willie Tullis returns kickoff 95 yards for game winning TD in final minute of game for a 27-20 win over the Rams in Los Angeles. 1963: After a slow start the Oilers looked primed to take over the Eastern Division again winning 4 of their next 5.

The Oilers would hold a lead into the 3rd Quarter, but another 2nd half collapse would see the Oilers season end again with a 28-20 loss.

However, the Oilers run would end quickly as they fell 56-7 to the Raiders in Oakland.

However, the Oilers would struggle again losing eight straight games, and nine out of ten games, on the way to another dreadful 5-11 season. 1983: The Oilers get off to a miserable 1-5 start prompting head Coach Ed Biles to resign. Following the loss the Oilers would return home where 70,000 fans showed up early in the morning to greet them in another “Love Ya Blue” rally. However, injuries would hamper the Oilers chances as they lost five of their next six games. Following the season Gilman would step down, and let Bum Phillips take over. In the Wild Card Round at the Astrodome the Oilers are given a scare by the New York Jets, but Safety Bubba McDowell intercepts to key passes inside the five yard line to secure the victory for the Oilers 17-10. However, on the road they win six out of eight gamess as the Oilers finish with an 8-8 record.

However, Owner Bud Adams was not satisfied, and he would fire Coach Bum Philips, and replace him with Ed Biles. Following the Oilers make a deal with the city of Houston to break their lease a year early, meaning the season would be the last in Houston.

Feeling a change is need Coach Lou Rymkus is fired and replaced by Wally Lemm. Wally Lemm would earn coach of the year honors, while George Blanda was named player of the year.

The game would end up heading for a sixth Quarter when the Oilers quest for a threepeat came to an end with a Field Goal 20-17.

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However, the Oilers would go on a season ending four game slide, and would finish with a disappointing 6-8 record. Your email address will not be published. However, turnovers, and a poor defense would lead to a nine game losing streak that ended the Oilers playoff hopes. However, the Oilers run would end in disappointment as they are blown out by the Steelers 34-5. Under Fisher the losing would continue as the Oilers lost their next five games, before beating the New York Jets 24-10 in their final game of the season to finish with a 2-14 record. The Oilers would move to the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh for a rematch with the Steelers. 1974: Sid Gilman remains head coach but hires Bum Philips to be the defensive coordinator so he could be groomed to replace him. However, there were some bright spots Warren Moon despite throwing 26 interceptions showed some promise by tallying up 3,489 yards in passing. 1990: The Oilers season starts off on the wrong foot with a humiliating loss 47-27 to the Jerry Glanville coached Falcons in Atlanta. 1970: The Oilers get off to a solid 2-1 start, but weaknesses on both sides of the ball catch up with them as they only win one of their final 11 games, finishing with a 3-10-1, as Coach Wally Lemm, announces his retirement.

1964: Under new Coach Sammy Baugh the Oilers get off to a solid 2-1 start. However, all four losses were to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cincinnati Bengals who beat out the Oilers for the Division Title and Wild Card spot. Playing most of the season in front of crowds of less then 20,000 at the Astrodome the Oilers only win two out of their eight games at home. Facing their intrastate rivals the Dallas Texans in the AFL Championship Game at Jeppesen Stadium the Oilers, were in place to remain the only Champion in AFL history.

1960 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1961 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1962 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1963 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1964 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1965 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1966 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1967 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1968 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1969 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1970 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1971 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1972 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1973 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1974 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1975 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1976 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1977 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1978 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1979 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1980 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1981 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1982 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1983 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1984 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1985 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1986 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1987 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1988 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1989 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1990 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1991 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1992 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1993 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1994 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1995 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1996 Houston Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1997 Tennessee Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1998 Tennessee Oilers - Roster - Stats - Results1999 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2000 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2001 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2002 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2003 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2004 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2005 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2006 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2007 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2008 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2009 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2010 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2011 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2012 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2013 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2014 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2015 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2016 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2017 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2018 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2019 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results2020 Tennessee Titans - Roster - Stats - Results. Without the Oilers using the new stadium it would be renamed the Astrodome.

However, with Earl Campbell in full decline, the Oilers decide to cut bait and trade the star Running Back that once dominated the NFL after a 1-5 start. 1996: Houston fans express their displeasure with Oilers move by staying away in droves. However, John Elway would have one of his magical comebacks to deal the Oilers a heartbreaking loss 26-24. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, the Oilers season would end with a 34-10 to the Broncos a week later in the Divisional Playoffs at Denver. However, they would struggle again winning just two more the rest of the way finishing in last place again with a 4-10 record.

1986: In Jerry Glanville’s first full year as Coach the Oilers get the season started on the right note beating the Packers 31-3 in Green Bay. The team compiled a postseason mark of 1-0.

The team compiled a postseason mark of 1-0. 1988: With a roster with eight All-Pros the Oilers have another solid season, finishing with a 10-6 record, to qualify for the playoffs for the second year in a row. The win streak continued through November 19th when Blanda threw seven Touchdown passes in a 49-13 win over the New York Titans. 1961 Houston Oilers Statistics 1961 Houston Oilers Results.

1972: After being blowout in their first two games the Oilers stun the New York Jets 26-20 at the Astrodome.

However a loss in their final game cost them a playoff bye, as they finished with an 11-5 record.

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