1) First, what is the application you'll be using your air compressor for? The way to measure true power is to measure the time it takes to pump the reservoir tank of known volume from a known starting pressure to a known ending pressure. Why? Any typical air compressor puts out at least 120 PSI, which is sufficient to run any nail gun, grinder or blow gun. 3. You could also have under size wire from panel or too long of a run on wire itself from panel. My pump is obsolete. And we’re proud to say that our people are, too. Delux Quick Change Retainer for 4-Bolt Chipping Hammers. Manufacturer: American Pneumatic Model: APT-155 Index No Part No Description 1 103-APT NUT, AIR INLET SWIVEL 2 111-APT PLUG, DRY SEAL, PRESSURE 3 1188-APT ORING (swivel nut, APT-180, 190) 4 120-APT LOCKWASHER 5 1429-APT PACKING 7 151-APT ORING (swivel pipe, APT-180, 190) 9 1557-APT SPRING (pawl - APT 138 & 155) 10 1558-APT ROTATION SLEEVE equipment manufacturers whose names, logos, and/or trademarks are displayed on this page. When the motor builds up speed, the small weights on the springs swing out and separate the points. Even most small contractors can get away with using single-stage units if they have a small crew. We show you how to replace it with one that is similar in size. If you have a 230 V motor converted to 120, you may have lost some pulling power. How To Install An Oil-free Piston Cylinder Kit, How To Figure Out Compression Fitting Sizes, How To Measure NPT Fittings And Pipe Sizes, Click here to download and read the article, Order Acceptance & Many have been in the industry for decades, and they’re happy to share their knowledge and back our products with unmatched personal service. 6 SouthReagan, TX 76680(800) 231-9740, 3107 N. Deer Run RdCarson City, NV 89701(800) 858-1222, 1315 Redgate AvenueNorfolk, VA 23507(800) 626-1091. Also, these units are generally louder than oil-bath units, so if noise is a factor, go with either a “silent” oil-free compressor (the “JC10” Rolair unit or any of the California Air Tools units, for instance) or an oil-bath compressor. Service Center, Air Under the cover, you will see a white plate that has the wire terminals. Which is really better? 155. Home; Products. The number that you get after the division is the tank volume expressed in cubic feet. Type the Make, Model or Part Number(s) in the search box located in the top, right corner. Commpressor Tech Tips, View It's always a good idea to confirm, however, what the PSI requirement of your tool/application is prior, just as you would with the CFM rating. Click one of the popular APT TOOL model categories below to find all the available parts to get your product working again. Your application, whether it be a roofing nail gun, sand blaster or die grinder, will have a CFM requirement specification (you can find this in the manual for your tool). APT 155 , American Pneumatic - Model 155 Rock Drill All replacement parts listed under … Master Tool Repair provides replacement parts that are OEM or compatible with the original Also, a two-stage unit will recycle quicker (pump up quicker) and has a higher CFM rating than a single-stage unit.

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