craters’ peaks with water ice capping. There are no large mountains or volcanoes.

Earth to sometimes come into view)? Callisto is not considered to be geologically active, but with the likely presence of an ocean beneath the surface leaves open the possibility that it could harbor life. The rotation of Callisto is locked into the orbit around Jupiter. Of course, you are! It appears that the Galilean moon is sprinkled with a Callisto has an icy surface which

According to scientists, the ring structures of these craters

Studies have also found traces of water ice, various organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and different types of silicates on the surface, as well as a possible ocean of liquid water about 100 km or so beneath the surface. 26.

Zeus’ wife, Hera, was less than pleased when the affair was discovered and in revenge, she changed Callisto into a bear and placed her in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major.

The Galileo spacecraft has also found that Callisto’s ground has several organic compounds, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrated silicates (containing iron and magnesium). If you have already donated, we sincerely thank you. century, the Galilean moons were called by the Roman numerical designation. before Galileo.

Even though at a distance of 628,300,000 km Callisto is 180 times further away from us than our moon is from us, it is many times brighter than our moon when viewed through a telescope.

The surface of Callisto is filled with craters. 59% of our Moon because of lunar librations (real or apparent oscillation of There are various sources which state that Lycaon was the father of Callisto.

58. They were formed after the impact.

further delay, let us start exploring this celestial object and find out the The name of the constellation is taken from the Latin language. The experts assume that the ocean of liquid water is found on the subsurface of Callisto.

the New Horizons. The orbital eccentricity of any celestial object is a parameter which is used for determining the amount of deviation of the orbit of one body around another body from being a perfect circle.

Callisto is 2.6 times smaller compared to our Earth. 47.

Scientists also suspect that the atmosphere has molecular oxygen as well.

NASA intends to go with a manned expedition to Callisto


22. But she was loved by Zeus and, in several variations of the legend, was turned into a she-bear either by Zeus (to conceal his deed from Hera) or by Artemis or Hera (who were enraged at her unchastity).

It is the outermost Galilean satellite of Jupiter. but compressed rocks and ice. of the name is used. conduct the electrical currents.

His wife Hera then changed her into a bear before Zeus transformed her into a star and placed her in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major.

There was yet another person who independently observed the moon. 11. 4. As a matter of fact, Simon Marius spotted Callisto 39. 52. In simple words, it is a The atmosphere of Callisto is very thin. the surface.

It orbits just outside of Jupiter's radiation belt. Callisto is 2.8 times farther away from Jupiter compared to Europa. 84.

Callisto is the second largest moon orbiting Jupiter and is the third largest moon in our entire solar system.

Did you know that Jupiter’s magnetosphere has no impact Callisto is 99% the size of the planet Mercury.

in 2040.

50. Total surface area is 73,004,909.27 km2.

The density of Callisto and its moment of inertia also indicates

Scientists suspect that slow sublimation of carbon dioxide ice from the icy crust of Callisto constantly replenishes the lost carbon dioxide. With a diameter of 4,820.60 km, Callisto is only 58.4 km smaller than the planet Mercury.

Did you know that Callisto is tidally locked to the

Total mass of the satellite is 107,593,737,963,819,000,000,000 will take only 4 days to lose the atmosphere via atmospheric escape. 49. The name of Callisto was derived from the …

Carbon dioxide is the main component.

6. They are the Valhalla and the Asgard. Callistonian.

After that central region are the rings that extend out to 1800

Callisto was named after a nymph who was one of Zeus' many lovers.

the Galilean moons are the largest moons of Jupiter. 61. NASA’s Galileo spacecraft was the one that detected the 0.

Callisto's surface is the most heavily cratered and one of the oldest landscapes in our Solar System that dates back four billion years, just after the Solar System was formed.

revived somewhere in the middle of the 20th century.

As depth increases, the amount of rock increases. The The radiation level of Callisto is very low.

means that only one side of Callisto always points towards Jupiter. going to learn some incredible facts about this amazing celestial object that


What do these dots signify?

71. 76. Moon that allows the parts near the edges that are usually not visible from 54. – the king of Arcadia). 74.

Callisto has only 1/3rd the mass of Mercury. It is also the third largest moon in the Solar System and nearly the size of Mercury. 9.

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