The real origin place of Shamo is Sindh, Pakistan. A name can carry multiple meanings. Although the Shamo chicken likes humans. It is not until 1953 that a second importation of Shamos to Germany is recorded; this time the owner of the Hagenbeck Zoo was able to obtain birds from the Tokyo Zoo. You don’t commonly hear of people eating this breed, because the meat tends to be tough and to not have flavor. While it is not related to the other breeds, it is often assumed to be because of the similarity of their names. The first documented Shamos outside of Japan were noted by German poultry author Bruno Duringen. And their eyes are of pearl color. The eyes are pearl color, but this can vary based on variety. The Ko Shamo (シャモ), unlike O-Shamo and Chu-Shamo, is merely an ornamental breed not used for cockfighting, although it is bred to be temperamental and show the spirit of a fighter. [citation needed], The seven recognised Shamo breeds designated as Natural Monuments of Japan are:[1]:13[2]:92, Other Shamo variants are the Chu-Shamo (medium Shamo, 中軍鶏)[3]:321 and the Chibi Shamo. Other forms of transmission are rodents, wild birds, carrying them in shoes and clothing. The Shamo chicken breed originated in Japan. Game chickens are specifically bred for cockfightingwith other chickens. They sit firmly on the back of the bird, On the Shamo chicken, the comb is small or absent, Note that the Shamo chicken breed is not a common breed. And the bantam roosters weight about 1.25 kg and hens about 1 kg. Black, Black Breasted Red, Dark and Red are the four color varieties of Shamo chicken recognized by the American Poultry Association. Sheep, Bee But their meat has been described as tough and is not favorable by everyone. In the United Kingdom, only the Chu Shamo and O Shamo are recognized. Even the hens can be aggressive towards other chickens. In Japan, there are multiple types of game chi… Review full breed profile of Shamo chicken below. The Chu-Shamo and O-Shamo designations are recognized in the United Kingdom. Game chickens are specifically bred for cockfighting with other chickens. South African Rare Breeds Poultry Association. [3]:321–322 The Entente Européenne recognises the Shamo, Ko-Shamo, Yakido and Yamato Gunkei, and lists the Chu-Shamo and Nankin Shamo as unrecognised. Their earlobes are small and bright red colored. This chicken breed has been selectively bred to have the strongest traits for over a hundred years. The Shamo has a wide variety of colors and sizes, depending on the region of Japan they hail from. The Ko Shamo (シャモ), unlike O-Shamo and Chu-Shamo, is merely an ornamental breed not used for cockfighting, although it is bred to be temperamental and show the spirit of a fighter. Advertise It is recommended to start taming the bird early to ensure less aggressive behavior. The hens are good layers than many of the other Asiatic game breeds. The Chu Shamo is a Japanese bird of Malayoid type, originally imported to Japan from Thailand in the seventeenth century – the name being a corruption of Siam, the old name for Thailand. The Shamo chicken breed originated in Japan. The Chu-Shamo is a medium bird with males weighing 8 lbs and females weighing 6 lbs. Ostrich And fights among the baby chicks is also a problem. There are four varieties of the Shamo that are recognized, they include: The term “Shamo” means “large fowl” or “Japan game bird.” In the varieties listed above, the term is further described by each variety. Shamo are pea or walnut combed, … Since the Shamo bird has ancestors from Thailand, its name was derived from their genealogical place of origin. You can find the Shamo in and near Japan, and it can also be found in the United States. Shamo chickens are known as game chickens. Quail Their feathers may not cover their entire body, The Shamo tail is small and slopes downward to the ground. And they can be tamed easily with proper care from a young age. [6] The American Poultry Association recognises the Shamo as a breed, both full-sized and bantam.[7]. They are taller and less compact than the Asil chickens, and lack the exaggerated curves of the Malay chicken. Guide to Poultry Breeds Its feathers are sparse but strong and shiny, and its powerful bone structure and well-muscled body and legs, coupled with its erect posture, make it an impressive and striking bird. The chicken breed produce good amount of meat. Sayed Abdel-Maksoud Osman, Masashi Sekino, Takehito Kuwayama, Keiji Kinoshita, Masahide Nishibori, Yoshio Yamamoto, and Masaoki Tsudzuki (2006). He wrote that the first breeding pairs of Shamos arrived in Germany in March 1884 and were owned by the Countess of Ulm-Erbach. Thanks, I want to buy this breed from Bangladesh can u pls suggest me how can I buy it from here The O-Shamo is largest, with males weighing an average of 12.4 lbs, and females 7.5 lbs. The female Chu Shamo is above four pounds and under six pounds. The plumage color vary depending on the color variety. The Chu-Shamo is more medium-sized, with males of 8 lbs and females of 6 lbs. I want them big and tall. The Shamo chicken breed was raised to be fighting birds. The main reason the bird was bred is to fight. Chu Shamo. The Malay chicken has the record as being the tallest chicken, but the Shamo comes in second.

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