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God Bless You for putting this on your site. first think about the first and last lines of the poem, then fill out the lines in the middle. A fake phone number is an online phone number for sending and receiving SMS/Text worldwide to hide your identity. So he got imprisoned and martyred in Dachau. I received St. Jerome, perfect b/c I am not only a mom, but in grad school as well. My mom started praying a novena to Edith Stein, still not a saint. I still read about the daily saints but, personally, I don’t feel like I get to “know” them as well as when I “live” with one through the year. I opened my eyes to see that St. Valentine of Rome had been chosen as my Saint. Currently, we offer free temporary online numbers for a lot of countries: Russia, USA, Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium. She is the patron saint of sick people and illnesses though- should I worry? This is really cool, thanks! Confirmation - Defending Your Faith Professor Marshall Connolly - Starts in 2 hours; St. Thomas More Professor Marshall Connolly - Starts in 17 hours; The Highest Sign of God's Love Deacon Frederick Bartels - Starts in 18 hours I just got St. Catherine del Ricci. The only religious statue we have in our home is a statue of St. Joseph. Driving in my car I watched a beautiful wispy cirrus cloud grow very large in the sky and turn into what I thought was an angel shape, but I really thought it was Our Blessed Mother, but because she gazed downward and seemed very sober-faced I did not know what I had seen—and I am not into seeking visions or making shapes out of clouds! Yes, just open your web browser and use Got St. Valentine. )…never heard of him, but he was martyred on November 15th, which is my birthday…. Jen, at the end of the next year let’s check in on what we learned by spending a year getting to know our saints. My husband was just explaining this to me the other day. My pain today brought tears but smiles too! thank you so much for this! We are all excited to learn more about each of our saints this year! Pretty cool since he was “A gifted preacher, he preferred to spend his time in the confessional and working as a spiritual director. Hi Sue. Thank you! The most danger I see here is the saint might be someone that doesn’t connect with you. We have been through 4 specialist at 4 hospitals. St. Bernard of Menthon was picked for me and since he is the patron of mountain climbers and that is how life has felt for me lately, I feel its appropriate. Below is an acrostic poem about a subject named 'Elizabeth', Miguel Agustin Pro. He was, and has been, so fitting for this time, and the book of his spiritual direction which I sought out and bought was invaluable to me. Now, I have a sense of humor, but I sure hope this isn’t a foreshadowing of what this year will bring…. An eerily good fit for where I’m at. Looks like we’ve got a tough guy. Just click on the number you used and all the messages we received will be shown on the webpage. I got Saint Brigid – which is wonderful as I used to live in Ireleand. However, with the St Name Generator, I was given ” St Clair of Assisi” Patron St for eyes, phones and a few other things. Sensing something more, something deeper. So my random saint is one of the family and of home-makers, the woman who gave birth to Mary. I got St. Jerome, and, after getting over a bit of jealousy of your scoring St. Francis de Sales for yourself, I’m ready to embrace him! I got Katherine Drexel, whose feast day is my daughter’s birthday. We add fake phone numbers every day and also we provide new numbers on our site based on users request. This is a bit freaky as this year I am taking a break from my work in order to finish my training as a spiritual director and to give a bit of stability to our family after a year that has been full of unheaval. I got St. Louis IX! During a period of persecution of the Church, Urban hid for a while in a vineyard. (Bed rest, lots of issues, etc.) Hey Conversion Diary! I’m not a catholic, but have been feeling a strong pull toward some form of orthodoxy for some time now. Thank you so much for your saint generator. He also carried on the work of church building and decorating churches…He also introduced Christian arts and promoted learning.He was known also for his encouragement of students by every means in his power. My blog is also choosing saints again for people. Her name is Sandra Bernadette. Go through each line again and revise the acrostic poem to your satisfaction. The best part is, she is patroness of (among other things): Mental Illness (myself and many family members) as well as Mental Asylums/Mental Health Caregivers/Mentally Ill People, Family Happiness (sure need it! St. Faustina,John Paul II,Mother Teresa,Kateri Tekakwitha And not only that, but St. Joseph is my husband’s confirmation saint, chosen two years ago when he went through RCIA. . When St.Acca popped out I said “Whaaa??? If there is a quote at RCIA (I’m sponsoring my sister) it’s from him. WOW! I hope St. Maria can help me overcome this tough issue. This wouldn’t have mattered to me much except for the fact that I work in a library and had just talked with my boss about the possibility of going to library school! Amen. This means that we have to, unfortunately, limit the length of your free SMS or free Text message. I’ve used it for three different things and each one was deeply relevant to the specifics of the situation I was praying about. I was chosen by St Josephina Bakhita. I’m also an unmarried mother (I chose not to abort based largely on the guidance of JPII) living in a very poor neighborhood with many disabled/elderly folks in need (I’m the go-to person when it comes to pharmacy/food bank runs). And patron saint of blind people, and I have some vision issues. I got St. Bernadette! We share a health prob. Wish you a holy 2011!! The confusion is in how this could be dangerous. I got St Dominic! Not something I would name my child, but appropriate for me and my family, because we all have pink eye right now!! Guess what?…You were right here when I needed you, Sue. I got St Luke, whose day is, by happenstance, the following day (Oct. 18) of my birthday. Bl. Just so happens, my husband and I have been thinking (and praying) about starting our family when he returns from his tour in Afghanistan. Fascinating! I’m a church musician: full time, children’s choir director and organist. I just get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a saint. OK…..came here from the Anchoress: The choice was St. Cecilia. It was St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. At the age of 17 I planned to move from my parents’ house to Germany after high school. I guess it could work like that too, though. Thanks for your marvelous idea! It’s possible that Aloysius is related to Louis, but probably not through the Latin for Louis, which is “Ludovicus.”. I love St. Francis de Sales. He is the patron saint of skiers and mountains. Saints' names may no longer be required for a Roman Catholic baptism, but many parents choose to honor saints with their children's names anyway.

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