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Citizen Kane (1941), Ryan’s powerhouse performance as the fiercely determined Mari is the nucleus of this dispiritingly bleak tale, in which there are few concrete answers to be found, but plenty of blame to pass around.

As with his prior Black Coal, Thin Ice, Chinese director Diao Yinan’s The Wild Goose Lake has a coiled intensity that amplifies its romantic fatalism.
Over the course of one sloshed 24-hour period, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets evokes a pitch-perfect sense of its going-to-seed milieu and equally haggard visitors, with former actor-turned-floor sweeper Michael proving the weary epicenter of its laid-back action. The most prestigious American award of the film industry is Oscar

The director’s A Hidden Life recounts the based-on-true-events tale of Franz Jägerstätter (August Diehl), a farmer in the rural Austrian enclave of Radegund whose world is forever altered by the 1939 appearance of the Nazis—and the requirement, once he’s forced to join the Third Reich’s army, that he swear allegiance to Hitler’s party.

The fact that both of those stellar efforts premiered on Netflix proves that, even in our current coronavirus-wracked era, streaming platforms are delivering the cinematic goods. In this empathetic portrait of the scars of war, there are profound truths about grief, survival, and the ingrained patterns of our lives. Motion picture awards include 14 categories such as What emerges is a complex story about truth, lies and silence, the last of which is the real evil force in both Alex and Marcus’ life – concealing the horrors committed against them as kids, and tearing them apart as adults, at least until Perkins’ documentary stages a face-to-face sit-down rife with bitterness, regret and understanding.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), In a Mexican city rendered a ghost town by violent drug gangs, young Estrella (Paola Lara) strikes up a prickly alliance with a group of orphaned boys – led by Shine (Juan Ramón López) – after her mother goes missing. Splitting his documentary into chapters based on Chatwin’s books, and guiding his action with typically lofty narration, Herzog embarks on the sort of “erratic quest” for answers to existence’s biggest questions that were favored by Chatwin.

The mythic quality of the Cordillera – the towering eastern stretch of the Andes mountains that serves as both a protective and isolating barrier for the city of Santiago – is harmonized with the grand, destructive illusions of Chile’s Pinochet regime in The Cordillera of Dreams, documentarian Patricio Guzmán’s personal rumination on his homeland’s tumultuous history, and his relationship to it. Decked out in a variety of swanky colorful suits (replete with matching hats), and wielding a cane that aids his strut, Murphy turns Moore’s story into his own declarative statement of peerless comedic bravado – and he needs every ounce of that charisma to keep the spotlight on himself, because as Moore’s director/co-star, a bug-eyed, flamboyantly mannered Wesley Snipes almost steals the film from him. Edna’s vacant stares and strange behavior are the catalyst for a story that derives considerable suspense from unnerving set pieces and, more pointed still, the question of whether everything taking place is the result of unholy entities or the elderly woman’s physical and mental deterioration. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The 60 Best Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Video. The past, memories, and the cinema are inextricably intertwined in Long Day’s Journey Into Night, whose story – about Luo’s return to his Kaili hometown, where he remembers an old comrade and looks for former love Wan Qiwen (Tang Wei) – comingles today and yesterday in poignant fashion. As the focus of this saga of aging and survival, fragility and strength, Johnson is a boundless delight, charming and candid and open-hearted even as his memory begins to wane and his daughter has him watch his own mock funeral (attended by friends and family). Metropolis (1927),

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