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Email Subject: UK visa application in Turkey (Ref: 12345678), A decision has now been made on your application. If the income over the last financial year is insufficient, it is possible to rely on the average of the last two financial years. You will have to demonstrate that you owned the funds for at least six months, even if they were not in the cash account for the entire six month period. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. You should have been in the UK five years before the date of the application and shouldn’t have. You can track your application status on http://www.tpcontact.co.uk, Please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration. Charter High School Vs Public High School: Which One Is Preferable For Your Kids? Restrictions on absences from the UK cover the five-year period before the application. Your documents will be sent to you shortly through the visa application centre (Teleperformance) Please allow 1-3 days courier time depending on the country that you have applied. The reason why they give you a reference number is because that is certainly your visa approval number and so they use this number to add you to their mailing list of visa approved applicants. From my personal experience and the research I have completed by reading about U.K visa application and asking questions to other applicants that have applied, I’ve found out that the emails sent to rejected applicants are different from those sent to approved applicants. By paying for a super-priority service you can expedite the processing time to 24 hours. Also, at the end they tell you not to reply to the email because they know that you will find a rejection on your application and therefore tell you not to reply to this email to question them about their decision. If the sponsor is in receipt of disability-related benefits the minimum income requirement may be considered met. If you are relying on exceptional circumstances or not sure if you meet the requirements of the rules, we will recommend an initial consultation to address. If you are in the UK in any long-term immigration category, you can switch to spouse visa in country without leaving the UK. This is because your five-year qualifying period cannot be shared between the partner route and any other immigration category. Who is exempt from the language and life in the UK requirement? If you are based abroad, you will need to apply for entry clearance from your country of origin or the country where you normally live. Indefinite leave to remain is normally available after five years. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. As for an accepted application the format of the email differs and here is how it would look like: Email Subject: UK visa application in Turkey (Ref: 12345678), A decision has now been made on your application. No matter if some one searches for his essential thing, so he/she desires to be available that Does spouse visa give me the right to work? They will dispatch your passport to you once they process your application. You will be required to produce company accounts and company bank statements in addition to your own bank statements and payslips. Sometimes, the processing time may be longer than expected even if the priority fee has been paid. The application fee depends on whether the application is made from abroad or in the UK. In exceptional circumstances, where refusal of the application would cause significant hardship you may be able to rely on third-party support or other sources of income. It is possible to rely on a combination of savings and income, but the calculation is not straightforward. To get details write a reply to: paul5854sau@gmail.com, How to invest in Bitcoin $ 2783 – get a return of up to 8527%: https://earn-1btc-per-day.blogspot.no?a=16, Thank you for your UK visa application, a decision has now been made. Immigration Health Surcharge will go up in October 2020. For example, if you sold property or assets and rely on the proceeds of the sale as your savings, you will have to trace the assets to six months prior to the date of the application. You will have to pay international students fee, though, until you have indefinite leave to remain. Company directors can rely on their income from the company but the rules are similar to self-employment. This means there will be three applications for extension of visa before you can apply for indefinite leave to remain. for more information about the UK visa and what it permits visitors to do whilst they are in the UK. For the extension application, you do not have to rely on the employment income of the sponsor. Then, for approved application, the email is different. Is your outcome positive ? I have the same email. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The way we prepare the application makes it easy for the caseworker to process and approve it without asking for more information or referring the matter to a senior member of staff. Any help much appropriated. As a regular applicant for U.K Visa application, you should be ready for anything like rejection or approval. They have to be held in a cash account with immediate access. In conclusion, I do not write this based on my own experience alone but based on the many people that I have asked which applied for a student visa (other visas included). This means that after five years you will qualify to apply for indefinite leave to remain. Change ), How To Detect A UK Visa Acceptance or Refusal Before Receiving Passport, We Offer Free UK Visa Advice & Guidance for a Successful Application, How To Detect A UK Visa Acceptance or Refusal Before Receiving Passport, http://www.ukvi-international.faq-help.com/, https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration, https://earn-1btc-per-day.blogspot.no?a=16, http://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/India/applicationcentre.html. I received an email saying this: Dear Applicant, A decision has been made on your UK visa application. You will be required to have at least one completed financial year to qualify. You will have to have an initial amount of £16,000 and the shortfall of your income multiplied by 2.5. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. The ten-year route includes every type of lawful stay in the UK and can be a combination of all sorts of visas, including visitor visa. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You can track your application status on http://www.tpcontact.co.uk. Yes, absolutely. If non-British partner is outside the UK, their income from employment or self-employment is not taken into account. If you need to reply, please send it through http://www.ukvi-international.faq-help.com/. Many people have a lot of questions in their mind, such as how to know if your U.K visa is approved. ( Log Out /  You can switch from the 10-year route to the five-year route as soon as you meet all the requirements. Please note that, this email address does not accept incoming emails. However, you will be paying the Immigration Health Surcharge second time if you have a valid stretch of the previous visa. You do not have to wait for the expiry date of your visa. Kind Regards, Customer Services Unit, UK Visas and Immigration | British Consulate General | Istanbul, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. If the visa application centre kept your passport, they’ll post it to you with the vignette inside. Boost revenues quick. Hey, How long after your Visa was taken under consideration did you get this email? This applies to all, including people coming from a majority English speaking country. I wanted to share this information so that applicants will know beforehand rather than wait to see it on their passport because as a student who is preparing to travel to another country, you certainly would want to prepare for a rejection or an approval. Where all substantive requirements (financial, language, immigration status) and evidential requirements are met, UK spouse visa is granted under the 5-year route. We know which applications fall to the attention of senior caseworkers, and we mark our cover letter accordingly to make this clear. ( Log Out /  These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. This may be due to a previous refusal of a similar application, or if the applicant relies on exceptional circumstances, or if some of the documents required in support of the application are missing. Simply read what were the reasons for your refusal and contact your university to explain to them what the Home Office have said and they will guide you on how to make a new application that will solve these problematic issues that the Home Office has found in your first application. Again, applications which need the attention of a senior caseworker may not be suitable for priority service. As you can see a significant difference between both emails and those who are still in doubt, here’s a further proof that can give you further explanation. The type of application is called settlement. You will need to demonstrate adequate income, accommodation, knowledge of English (at A2 level this time) and genuineness of your relationship. If we look at the first email, we notice that they say ”Dear Applicant” and at the end of the email they add the authority reference which the email was sent from ”Kind Regards, Customer Services Unit, UK Visas and Immigration | British Consulate General | Istanbul.” And right below this they tell you to ”PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS.” When looking at all these clues one can tell that they try to be friendly to rejected applicants by addressing them as ”Dear Applicant” and they add the authority reference so that you know that the rejection email was not sent by a fraudulent sender but by the official Home Office unit so there is no doubt regarding its authenticity. More complex applications can take up to six months. If you have a dependent child who is not a British citizen, the minimum income is £22,400 and addition £2400 applies for the second dependent child and all other children. Looking for fresh buyers? If you look further, you can also spot other differences in both emails. See instructions, List of Cheapest Universities in Canada Under 2000 Dollars For International Students, List of Free Visa Countries For Nigerian Citizens To Visit, List of Universities in Nigeria That Does Not Require JAMB For Admission, List of Universities That Accept Candidates That Did Not Choose Them in JAMB, At What Age Can You Enter University in Nigeria?

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