JOke of the freaking century!!!!!!!!!! A very good doctor gets a lot of money for his experience and good work. Thesis Statements: Attitude and Job Satisfaction: A worker attitude towards work is directly linked to the job satisfaction; a worker who is satisfied with his job performs better and excels. Not to forget that one of the reasons for the great revolt of 1857 in india was the resentment among soldiers on not receiving promotions and bonus money on abroad trips ( post office act) and also on not receiving proper salaries. Undoubtedly money is inevitable to fulfill the basic amenities of life but there are many other factors which act as motivating force at workplace. The motivational factors that motivate a person to work and which can be used to enhance their perfor­mance can be classified into two categories—monetary factors and non-monetary factors (Table 7.1).

By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. If there is plenty and more than sufficient any one would hardly want to work. I would say that the majority of people work for the money, why do you think that we pay more for overtime hours? SCH 33: Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. We can get motivation the main reason for this is that I think acc to me . So definitely, passion is a key motivating factor that drives people towards entrepreneurship. (2017, Mar 10). Different people have different thinking. If employers truly want the very best performance out of a person, their best bet is to hire people who are happy with their jobs, and then keep them happy, plain and simple. So, it would not be wrong to say, that money definitely becomes the first priority and is the motivating factor to work, People pay more attention to work when their needs are met and when they are comfortable, they have a sense of commitment, when they know that the company they are working for bothers about them and their needs, they develop a sense of respect and love towards such a organization or company or people they are working for. It is only the need for the money, that makes people work, either it be for a thousand rupees or lakhs or corers, quantity doesn’t matter, but it is THE motivating factor. If there is plenty and more than sufficient any one would hardly want to work. Particularly in Canada, as many as 244,400 individuals who are of Latin American origin live in Canada.

So, what motivates more than money?

Money becomes the default motivator because it is measurable, tangible and fungible -- and trouble strikes when the prospect of a lot of money becomes the … Having a high paying job that will not last will not help you to take care of your responsibilities in the long term* Other factors that are very important to people: Purpose, Stability, Benefits, Socialization, Happiness* In some cases in depends on the type of job, Some people are service oriented i. E. Teachers, Nurses, Social workers etc. Having a lot of money is great, but people need more than just money to satisfy their lives and motivate them to accomplish more. Family's financial condition also matters. There are n number of factors motivating people at workplace. I mean come on.

What all we need is to live a satisifactory life and money isnt all to live a satisiactory life being poor with a good heart is better than being rich with bad intentions.It isnt necessary for us to do jobs which we don't want to do by killling our self respect and all it isn't necessary right what more we need is passion to do the job, I just think this is a stupid argument. This is not to suggest that money doesn't motivate. Motivation is important, powerful, and we all need it in our lives. In the USA, The average person may work about 40 hours per week, Which at the end of their career, Adds up to a significant portion of their life in the workplace. Those people who have been betrayed by the circumstances due to money are completely motivated to work hard to earn money and nothing else...!

Dude would do a job for free? How Workers Attitude and Job Satisfaction Affect Their Work. What Is Life Insurance, And Who Needs It? Unsubscribe at any time. Those driven by money often develop very selfish and self serving attitudes, diminishing their ability to be a team player, and the relationship that develops between an individual and his work is strictly out of necessity… and very little else.

From Hollywood movies and songs to sappy cards and print media, people are constantly being reminded by society at large to make wise use of their time. It is only the need for the money, that makes people work, either it be for a thousand rupees or lakhs or corers, quantity doesn’t matter, but it is THE motivating factor. Whether we accept it or not, people are selfish, and they work to provide affluent life for themselves. A career provides stability, Purpose, And healthcare benefits. If they worked hard and long enough, that wage would increase, giving them additional motivation. I completely disagree, Generally People are motivated by different things at different times. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Your Deadline is Too Short?

It is only the need for the money, that makes people work, either it be for a thousand rupees or lakhs or corers, quantity doesn't matter, but it is THE motivating factor. I personally can't work in a company in which I am not finding any interest. Some people may work for the sake of society but only after being in financially satisfying condition.Working legally to earn money which fulfills you, is not a sin. A few examples of them are job security, personality development, the type of company he/she gets from his/her peers, etc. Money is perhaps the most obvious motivator as to why people in society go into work every day. Motivation is important, powerful, and we all need it in our lives. Therefore, I agree that money is a key pillar in motivation however since it is simply a pillar there are other reasons. Let me give an example. If a company did not offer bonuses , promotions or raises , it would have next to no hard working employees . . I agree with the fact that money motives people at their workplace.

The teamwork mini project demonstrates its main target to discuss the role play of a selection day at St Patrick’s College. Like seriously who would do that?What idiot provides time labour and resources for free?Like seriously the idiot who asked this is the biggest idiot.Labour for free!

This is just a sample.

Only satisfaction matters for them. Money often is a common tool to motivate employees. For many of these people, The purpose in providing services to others is the highest calling* A healthy work environment, Good relationships with co-workers, Etc is very important. People went to work and did a good job in order to be paid a fair wage. Obviously, money is not the deciding factor on whether or not you’ll take the job, so it is not the most important. Need Money Now?

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