While in some ways the AF35M shows its age compared to Nikon’s L35AF, in other ways it’s the superior camera. You’re right. However the Nikon has a film type display window, which one could argue is a more useful feature that’s missing from the Canon. Some will likely think of it as chunky and uninspired, while others will see it as a well-proportioned icon bursting with retro flair. That’s pretty wild, right?

Even the fastest moving subjects are no challenge for the AF system of the AF35M, as long as the subject is covering that center AF spot. Congrats!

Maybe I’ll give them a shot. On disassembly, I couldn’t find an aperture separate from the shutter, which closes down in diamond shape, which would lead to a funky diamond bokeh.

You might get some fun results, but it’s not a perfect solution. Very nice review. There’s very little distortion, which is really nice in a 35mm. Thank you for this article it really helps me. Full rewind takes approximately 25 seconds.
On the imagine where you show what you can trough the view finder, you guessed it was a tombstone, but its actually mountains to represent landscape/infinity focal length . Just to avoid confusion, that Nikon One Touch is actually the same as the Nikon L35AF 2, not the L35AF.

How Nikon coaxed such sharpness out of this lens is a question, the answer to which I’ll happily stay oblivious. It’s an incredibly accurate system, and the viewfinder uses a charming, analog lever and diagram to show focus distance. This weekend I found one of these at a local thrift shop for $4 and it actually worked (after I cleaned out the battery corrosion)! Photophiles in the 1980s had it good.

I'm looking at the Minolta Hi-Matic 7SII and the Canonet QL17 III. I haven’t yet developed my first roll shot with this camera, but I’m excited to see the results! For these shooters, the L35AF’s systemic automation allows for a concise and focused style of photography. With only a single red light and a virtually useless focus indicator, this is certainly the weak link in the AF35Ms otherwise purposeful engineering. Despite it being a Nikon and despite the soft spot many people have in their hearts for it, I didn’t think the image quality was on a par with the other cameras I have in my collection and so had to let it go.

Did you find this site helpful? To state it simply; it’s a wonderful lens, and it’s the only reason you need to own a Pikaichi. This prevented the film counter from advancing. any idea what fisheyes are compatible with the nikon l35 af, I brought a kalimar screw on fisheye but it messes with the camera for some reason and shoots 5 shots at a time.

. And the focus really bugs me. By using the self-tim-err… I mean, “Pre-Focus Lever” it’s possible to selectively focus, recompose, and press the shutter release button again to snap the shot. Lol. The manual states that to override this the photographer physically restrains the flash from popping up. Rangefinders & Compacts Sample Image Gallery, Pop-up flash (automatic when light levels drop out of range). This week, we’re taking a look at a very similar camera from Canon, the AF35M.

Lots. Images can also suffer from light fall-off, mitigated as the aperture stops down, though never perfectly resolved. I actually dislike DX coding, I like to be able to uprate or downrate film if I need to, especially when I don’t have any other control over exposure…unfortunately here you can only go from 100 to 400*… BONUS: lever aside lens is a +2 backlight compensation lever, hold it down while exposing. It’s certainly better than many of the point-and-shoots from rival brands, but compared to the Nikon L35AF, it’s too close to call. I recently got one and it worked fine for a few shots then nothing. I've read that the L35AF is the gold standard but have also heard good things about the Minolta and its way of telling you about whether the subject is in focus. No DX coding, so that you can use weird films, and your home-rolled stuff. Last week I spent some time with the L35AF, to determine whether or not it still can claim the name Pikaichi. The only reason these issues are forgivable is because the auto-focus system is actually pretty amazing. Unfortunately it didn't work.I noticed that the battery contacts were very dirty, so I cleaned them with vinegar.Now, when insert the batteries and a film, the film winder works (although it never stops).The shutter button is loose, so when I press it the shutter doesn't fire, though it comes back up. *I’m told that like the Canon AF35ML, late model L35AF have an extended ASA range, 64-1000. The lovely sound of good old film cameras - a camera collector's diary. The feature sets look about the same, and I've seen some commentary on the web that the Minolta's lens outperforms the Canon's in sharpness.
Hey there. The very similar Nikon One Touch, which is a more obvious copy of Canon’s Sure Shot, appears to be the same camera as the L35AF produced for a different market, with a different rubber grip and a few minor differences like a Canon-style closing lens cover, something lacking on this model. It’s a nice lens, though it is pretty low contrast and prone to flare. The later L35 AF2 and 3 have the weaker lens. Street photographers looking for night shots will be out of luck, and the 38mm focal length and slow apertures will likely leave bokeh-lovers underwhelmed. With Nikon’s point-and-shoot, the focus indicator intelligently actuates with a half-press of the shutter release button. Bokeh seemed to be pretty weak in the shots where I tried to bring it out. Copyright © 2014-2020, F Stop Cameras LLC, All Rights Reserved. Can you recommend any? Which is the pick of the Nikon L35AF series? The most important difference is the lens- the L35AF has the legendary 4 elements in five groups and the AT uses a four element in three group arrangement, plus the waterproof outer glass.

Contrast, color, and all the rest are excellent in these well-lit situations.

You can verify film winding by the check window on the back.

edit: It does make an annoying beep when it thinks you should use the flash. I’m no engineer; I don’t know, and I don’t care. What at first looked like a junky point-and-shoot quickly revealed itself as a sleeper classic, Nikon’s very first compact automatic camera and a close copy of Canon’s very popular AF35M (aka Sure Shot or Autoboy). In his first book, Lee has shown us how.” —Jury citation, Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction, “A deftly crafted memoir. Thank you very much! Street photographers know the importance of awareness, both spacial and cerebral, so the camera may work perfectly in this discipline of photography. Half-pressing the shutter release button locks focus on whatever’s framed under this center spot. In all honesty, there’s very little difference between the Nikon L35AF and the Canon AF35M. Your donations help fund this site!

Thanks again! And maybe someone else with more repair experience can chime in. The lettering is nicely printed in contrasting white, and the trademark Nikon red accent presents as a simple line surrounding the front grip pad. Enjoy it. Yes, mirror-less cameras are smaller than the previously in-vogue DSLRs, but to call the XE-1 or Sony A7 “pocketable” is a bit optimistic.

No the L35 AW or Action touch hast the same lens as the L35 AF. Hope this helps!

[Some of the links in this article will direct users to our affiliates at B&H Photo, Amazon, and eBay. I would suggest just buying a few and seeing how they do. With this camera, Canon essentially created the compact automated camera segment, and in many ways spurred Nikon into creating their own, venerable point-and-shoot. On-Off switch on top. I haven’t been able to find out very much about this little keeper, except that its weight is due to it being an all-metal body with a plastic outer shell, and that it’s still highly regarded by the people that own(ed) one. Double exposures are not possible as far as I know. What’s next?

Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 38mm F2.8 Compact Film Camera; Minolta TC-1 28mm f/3.5mm Compact Film Camera; Nikon. 2. More than thirty years ago photophiles in Tokyo and around the world crowned Nikon’s L35AF with a reverent moniker. All that matters is that this little machine creates some of the finest detail and sharpest images of any point-and-shoot I’ve ever used. All this to say, don't give up on your camera in a jam. I read your piece on the Nikon l35af. .

Interesting observation. Thank you so much and much help appreciated as I’m really interested to start shooting with this camera!

James Tocchio is a writer and photographer, and the founder of Casual Photophile. Pulled out the film from the cassette to get some lead and put it in the camera. By purchasing anything using these links, Casual Photophile may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. The L35AF was a promising machine for a new type of shooter.

– I know there are several aux lenses for this Nikon. Not motor advance, so it is very quiet. In bright light and at smaller apertures the Canon is comparable to the Nikon’s stellar performance. I'm in the market for a new point and shoot and am looking to get one of these 2 cameras. I'm a Nikon digital SLR shooter who wants to get into the world of compact fixed-lens rangefinders. Let us know! In low light, when shots are taken at (presumably) wide-open aperture, images become particularly soft with substantial loss of detail.

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