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“By my junior year in college, I got an internship there, and [PWI journalists] Bill Apter and Craig Peters brought me backstage for a WCW event at the Meadowlands.”, The WCW show at the Meadowlands is where Styles was introduced to his fate. I thought nothing of it and never expected they'd like the idea. Zayn has not publicly come forward about being a father-to-be, but this is very exciting news if it’s true. He didn’t go public about the reason he took time off, but AJ Styles might have revealed that reason for him. Why the Sun Belt deserves the benefit of the doubt over the Big 12 thanks to on-field results, plus Jim Harbaugh might have finally found his QB. Wendy Jones is the wife of Neal Jones. “Here is an Olympic gold medalist who won the gold medal for America in America with a broken neck,” recalled Styles. Or, in some cases, in the aisles, in the crowds, in the parking lot, in the streets surrounding the arena. “Paul created so many opportunities for so many people that I’m not sure which is stronger, his own legacy as a performer and creative mind or his legacy at creating opportunities for others to succeed,” said Styles. He is shown above in 2017 posing for a picture with Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer at the former's wrestling school.

As we got closer, she was actually doing all the bookkeeping and the accounting for ECW.com by the time we were engaged, and so I had my wife traveling with me. Paul left me alone with this angry, Olympic gold medalist heavyweight wrestler.

He is best known for his time with ECW and WWE.

His favorite sports announcer is Bob Costas. He saw something in Taz, Tommy Dreamer, the Public Enemy, he knew that Rey Mysterio and Psicosis would electrify fans, he looked at Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko as main eventers in the United States.”. He said that Zayn’s wife is pregnant and the former NXT Champion has been gobbling up everything “right beside her.”, “He hasn’t been doing anything. WWE.com: You've said that calling WrestleMania was a lifelong dream of yours.

This is the ultimate Steelers all-franchise team, a 46-man, game-ready roster of Pittsburgh’s all-time greats at every position. Styles remains forever grateful to Paul Heyman for granting him the opportunity to succeed in wrestling.

I know people who never worked for ECW can't understand that, but there's a very special bond between all of us who worked at ECW. Follow him on Twitter @JustinBarrasso. In fact, I went to the ring during the video package recapping the Edge vs. Foley rivalry. “I just hid it because you don’t ever want to show weakness or fear, especially in the entertainment business and even more so in the professional wrestling business,” explained Styles. I don’t even think we’re of the same species. ECW was completely replicate -- from the size of the ring, to the color of the banners, to the entrance, to our announce table -- everything was authentic.

“I’m an advertising salesman who lucked into professional wrestling. Most likely, the first ring introduction lasted longer than when I lost my actual virginity. “Because of the behavior of so many of the wrestlers that competed in ECW—and I don’t want to speak ill of anyone who is no longer with us—that almost immediately after debuting for the company and staying in the same hotels as the wrestlers, I went out of my way not to stay in those hotels any more. Joey Styles was born on July 14, 1971 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA as Joseph C. Bonsignore.

He surprised many by also signing a WWE contract. I’m still called ‘The Voice of ECW,’ and Tommy is called “The Heart and Soul of ECW,” and the reason we are still relevant and still working in wrestling is because of ECW.”. “I didn’t know what standards and practices would allow. One of them was asking me for details about the business of the company, and I replied, ‘Honestly, I have no idea.

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Overall I think it was the perfect way to make my WrestleMania debut. After that I wasn't able to sleep all night. “It was at Mount Vernon High School in New York, and it was in June of 1992 and between my junior and senior years of college. Taz was doing a Tazmaniac character with no shoes, long hair, and his face painted. As Heyman grew in power, first by becoming the booker in September of 1993, he decided he wanted a fresh voice to establish himself as the voice of his product. It took a tremendous amount of pressure off of me. I just didn’t know any better.

It was called the North American Wrestling Alliance, and Hercules and Tony Atlas were the veterans on the card.

|  He is married to Janice M. And the bottom line is, when the bell rings, I don't think there's anyone more exciting to watch than Rob Van Dam because he can do things athletically that nobody else can do. And it was not the good booing, either. Has signed a two year deal with WWE. WWE Survivor Series Plan For Drew McIntyre & More Revealed, WWE Made HUGE CHANGE To Hell In A Cell Main Event Finish, WWE’s Current Mindset About NXT’s Involvement In Survivor Series Event, Ryback Goes BALLISTIC On WWE: ‘The World Will Be A Better Place’ When Vince McMahon DIES, Riott Squad Looking To Change Name Of Their WWE Tag Team, WWE RAW Women’s Team Set For Survivor Series — UPDATED CARD, WWE Adds Several Matches To Survivor Series — UPDATED CARD. WWE.com: Were you nervous?Joey Styles: I wasn't nervous. Never did I think I would purposely turn down close to ten overtures during the seven years I was with ECW, and I went down with the ship. Years after his last announcing gig with WWE, Joey Styles is returning to the ring in the indies. I think it was better for me to call just one match so I could put all of my focus into that match. AJ Styles should know a thing or two about having a pregnant wife. He will be announcing two shows in Philadelphia on Saturday for Chikara before calling the action for Beyond Wrestling and Women’s Wrestling Revolution at the much-anticipated Tournament for Today this Sunday in Providence, Rhode Island, and getting up at five AM the following morning for work in New York City.

The match you saw between Mick Foley and Edge at WrestleMania wasn't a hardcore match, it was an extreme match. The pretty boy Tommy Dreamer was wearing these ridiculous sequined suspenders, baggy pants, and a robe that his mom made.

Then, Wednesday night I got the call that I was going to call the Hardcore Match. Later, he jumped aboard on the ECW Brand.

It's been a weird year for Joey Styles.

Being desperate to stay on the show, because it was my dream, I just threw out the idea to call the Hardcore Match, because it was basically an ECW match. Especially after winning Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 22, what do you think of the direction RVD's career is headed?Joey Styles: I think it is one of the injustices in sports-entertainment that Rob Van Dam has never been the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. I’m just a talent.’ And he looked right at my face and goes, ‘Well, that remains to be seen.’ I was getting paid twenty dollars, sleeping in hotel lobbies or in my car when it was warm enough, but I was still auditioning for the fans.”. “Jimmy Snuka [who was the first ECW champion] is coming to the ring, and some fan leans over and screams, ‘George Washington Motor Lodge—Allentown, Pennsylvania!’ right in his face,” said Styles. I wouldn’t have asked Jimmy Snuka for the time, let alone lean across the guardrail and screamed that in his face. He is very laid back. A lot of people think RVD's interview last year opened a lot of eyes as to what he may be capable of. Joey Styles: Losing my WrestleMania virginity was the culmination of my lifelong dream.

I looked at Paul and said, ‘Can I say ‘Oh my God’ on the air?’ And Paul said, ‘Not only will you say it, that’s going to be your new catchphrase.’, “I’m asked to say ‘Oh My God!’ at every public appearance like a wind-up toy. Listen, Sami has probably been rubbing her feet because when you’re pregnant…he hasn’t been doing nothing but rubbing feet and eating!”. His side is full of his children’s initials tattooed on him. He is an actor and editor, known for ECW One Night Stand (2005), ECW High Incident (1996) and ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 (1995). Danneel Ackles, Actress: Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. And certainly, Saturday night before WrestleMania, I couldn't sleep at all. It was a thrill I'll never forget. I love doing these shows with 150-to-500 people, because it means I’ll get to meet most of these passionate fans. Hardcore wrestling, to ECW fans, also meant Dean Malenko vs. the late Eddie Guerrero for 2 out of 3 falls.

Joseph Carmine Bonsignore, better known by his ring name Joey Styles, is an American professional wrestling personality.

Angle was less than two months removed from his triumph in the Summer Olympics on October 22, 1996 when ECW owner Paul Heyman managed to persuade the gold medalist to arrive at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia for an in-ring interview with Joey Styles. “I was the only one in the room who was not partaking in any adult libations, so I was sent out by Kevin to get food for everyone.

© 2020 ABG-SI LLC. But when he really hits on a subject that he feels strongly about, like last year at One Night Stand, he is able to express his beliefs very clearly, forcefully and passionately.
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Anthony Lynn explains what he loves about Justin Herbert's game, why it was so hard to demote Tyrod Taylor and which three plays stood out from the Chargers' Week 7 win.

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