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Add your optional Vitamin E Oil, essential oils and/or glycerin at this time and mix well. Their site doesn't list ingredients...I had to get them off a cosmetics archive site. It is also high in cleansing properties. Soapmarked (author) from TX on August 20, 2012: @LiteraryMind: Thank you! Create a Homemade & Handcrafted Lifestyle no matter where you live! So simple, fresh and clean smelling! Final ingredient listings can be very deceiving as not all ingredients have to be listed. Simple, fresh and clean! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Making something that is useful, practical and perfect for gift giving! I find that Kirk’s Coconut Bar Soap is the best soap to use when making your own homemade liquid hand soap; it is plant-based from coconut oil and naturally moisturizing. Tulsi Tea Calming Cooler : Chai Tea Latte, HOW to STORE CARROTS for WINTER | In Your Refrigerator, HOW TO SEASON A CAST IRON SKILLET | Cast Iron Cookware, DIY Homemade Liquid Hand Soap: From One Bar of Soap {Really! I've listed all the ingredients in descending order, as is done for cosmetics. I would think it would be okay but please let me know how it goes! There's no way to know from this list which grade lye is used in this product. Great! So far, so good ☺ Thanks for writing! Kirk’s soap contains no free lye or lye residues in it. We gently suggested that pure, organic castile soap would be effective, without any of the toxins. (I find lye burns to be itchy, myself.). I've never liked Dove soap, but am still shocked at the list of unpronounceable ingredients. But so far nothing.. -Made by bees. Box 119 Liquid hand soap from the store is quite expensive. Creating DIY or homemade projects and gifts can be great fun but when you couple usefulness with saving money and recycling, they are the best!! Lard is the common term for pig fat. There are two main processes for making hard bar opaque soap, the hot process and the cold process. -Stearic Acid + lye. Give the recipe another try with Kirk’s Castile bar soap to see how it sets up and then in the meantime your other batch may congeal. The purpose of this blog is to introduce the reader to the sustainable life through organic recipes, gardening tips, cleaning and organizing methods, Spiritual help, and anything else which may encourage you in your journey to wholeness--body, soul, and spirit! So.. Makes me wonder with the chemicals how they truly make it work.. Brady is correct. The most gentle is the Castile, but since that's made of only Water, Lye and Olive Oil I chose our next-gentlest one. The secret is to discover tried and true DIY projects that really work. Since the hot process soap mixture for soap noodles or for mold extrusion is boiled for such a long time, the oils in hot process soap can go rancid. -Another water softener. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. If you store the extra in a jar, make sure to mix it up a bit before pouring into your soap dispenser. It will almost thicken completely but will come back to a pour liquid with stirring. Have you ever had to wait this long? This is something we soap makers hear sometimes. Making homemade and homecrafted products is one of the items on the Homesteader’s Checklist of Skills and Activities Today! Hope you find the time to make it….Thanks for writing! I am biased towards handmade soap (I make it and use it and have for years) and am presenting this so you can make your own informed decision. Simple Homemade Fly Trap | DIY Project that Works! There is a certain beauty to the individual differences in each hand cut soap. -Palm oil + lye. Dove has to do that because that format is required by law for cosmetics and it's not just soap. I've listed all the ingredients in descending order, as is done for cosmetics. You're left with a salt, which is the "sodium" and "-ate" part of this ingredient. By today’s definition, Castile refers to soaps made without animal fats. Tallow, which is fat from around the loins and/or kidneys of a cow, contributes to a hard bar with creamy lather. Castile soap is one of the mildest, simplest and most natural soaps available. Did you use the Kirk’s Coco Castille Soap? Maybe change your description. Vitamin E Oil - 4 tablespoons per 1/2 gallon batch, Glycerin - 4 Tablespoons per 1/2 gallon batch. Hi! Kirk's Castile Soap has a nice clean, fresh scent but experiment if you would like with essential oils to create different scents. Terrific lens! Stir with your wooden spoon after all particles have completely melted and then allow the mixture to cool. The average price for a bar of Kirk’s Soap is between $1.25 and $2.00. Mountain Sky has been  producing handmade castile soaps since 1993 and is a family friendly manufacturer. She never went back. I've recently avoided buying to see if I could get my skin used to other soaps.. Food-grade lye is used in the preparation of certain foods, including green olives, mandarin oranges and pretzels. Let sit for 24 hours or more. Lower grades may contain unknown impurities which can effect the final result. Here’s what you need to make your own handsoap: One bar of soap either homemade or store bought ~ I like using Kirk's Original Coco Bar Soap, Grate or chop the 4 ounce bar of soap into small pieces ~ the smaller the better. Now is the time to add the optional Vitamin E, essential oils and glycerin*, Using a funnel, pour the liquid soap into your pump bottle, Leave about one inch at the top in order to add a little water to get the proper consistency, Store the extra soap in glass jars in a cool, dark location. The consistency is interesting, we have 2 different types of pump dispensers and it works well in both. When it has cooled completely mix it up with your wooden spoon or use a hand beater like this. -A synthetic surfactant derived from coconut oil and Dimethylaminopropylamine. Castile. It's not exceptionally cleansing, but when combined with other ingredients can add to a balanced bar. Cold process soaps retain the glycerin content, use less manufacturing processes and contain less preservatives in the soap, all better for the planet. That's like walking up to a baker who has beautiful hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies and telling them your stomach is so delicate you can only eat Twinkies. Hi Beth….I have only used the Kirk’s Coco Castile bar soap for this recipe so I am not sure. It's also mild and nicely conditioning. Free shipping on orders of $35+ and save 5% every day with your Target RedCard. -Olive oil is very mild and nicely conditioning. I’m using a home made bar of canolive II (Coconut, Olive and canola) and after 12hrs had no congeal, was impatient (I know, I know), and added another 4oz bar (hadn’t read enough maybe?) It's best to balance this oil with other ingredients, making sure not to use too high a percentage, as it can be drying when used in excess. "Castile" originally referred to the highly-prized vegetable based soap produced in Castile, Spain. So, it only makes sense to extend your one bar of soap into a half-gallon of liquid hand soap so there is plenty for you to have enough for liquid hand soap refills. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sties at no additional cost to you! Plus, if you need a wonderful fingernail brush, try this one! Soap manufacturers that use soap noodles only have to disclose the ingredients that they add to create their soap bar, they do not have to fully disclose the ingredients in the soap noodle.

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