Dr. Ban is a friendly, somewhat timid man, who adopts young Rebi after the death of her mother. Zone was a brilliant engineer developing powerful warships that required minimal to no crew members. So Bentselle, after speaking to his daughter for the last time, infiltrated the Deathshadow and destroyed it, dying in the process. Zone is an ambitious yet amoral man who strives for greatness and to get whatever he wants because he believes he deserves it. It was not intended for Endless Orbit SSX to serve as a prequel to Galaxy Express 999 and the 1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock TV series, as both Galaxy Express and SSX contradict each other, as well as the backstory given in the 1978 Space Pirate series.

No female Illumidas are ever shown, at least none that are green-skinned. Capitan Harlock SSX - Rotta verso l'infinito (わが青春のアルカディア・無限軌道 SSX Waga seishun no Arcadia - Mugen kido SSX?)

She was enslaved by them, though she later escaped them after helping Harlock act against them. This is a totally separate character from Tadashi Daiba who is seen in the 1978 Space Pirate series. Mr. Harlock became an outlaw and the captain of the Arcadia. He has become a traitor to the human race largely thanks to his hatred of Captain Harlock. Nonostante i continui scontri con le astronavi umanoidi l'Arcadia risulta vittoriosa, e Harlock continua la ricerca del pianeta dove poter vivere in pace. Mr. However when it came to strategy, Mr. Humiliated, Mr. 1982-1983 anime series by Leiji Matsumoto. He shares a strong bond with Tochiro Oyama, who built his ship, Arcadia. Il nemico più inesorabile di Harlock è però un terrestre, un giovane e ambizioso ingegnere che nutre un odio particolare contro il pirata spaziale in quanto, qualche anno prima, una sua astronave venne collaudata dall'allora ufficiale Harlock, che la considerò poco sicura e questo sconfessò l'opera del progettista, che gli giurò vendetta. Harlock affida a Tadashi il Fuoco del Cielo affinché ricostruisca la Terra devastata e riparte alla ricerca di nuove avventure. The Arcadia answers a distress call sent by a ship under attack by bandits. La Mime is a humanoid creature who looks like a mouthless, blank-eyed female. When they both were in the Solar Federation, Harlock caused Zone to lose his job as a ship designer when Harlock claimed his ship designs were unsafe. Non è possibile visualizzare una descrizione perché il sito non lo consente. La serie è ambientata in un'epoca anteriore a quella della precedente, Capitan Harlock, della quale è il prequel e il lungometraggio che ne costituisce l'antefatto è intitolato Capitan Harlock - L'Arcadia della mia giovinezza. Kei Yuki also appears in the 1978 Space Pirate series but is given a different background story. She does eventually fall in love with Tochiro, though she never says so outright, and he dies before a relationship can develop. Kei is another of the Arcadia's young crew members, though she is treated as an adult by the rest of the crew. Ma mentre Harlock usa l'energia per i motori dell'Arcadia, onde ritornare in fretta sulla Terra, il suo avversario la usa per le armi, cercando di distruggere il Pirata spaziale una volta per tutte. Mal gliene incoglie: Harlock lo sconfigge ugualmente, e la Dea Dorata decide definitivamente quale delle due parti è degna di essere sostenuta. Their home planet is only shown briefly, from a distance, before it is destroyed. It is the sequel to the 1982 animated film Arcadia of My Youth. Captain Harlock is finally in site of his goal, but will Tochiro be there when he reaches it?

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