Regulatory constraints: Of course there are plenty of examples where regulatory environments are an impediment for new business, particularly for start-ups based at the BoP. Government health care can prevent the stress and costs of going bankrupt from medical bills. As Results Director of the DFID Business Innovation Facility, and Sida Innovations Against Poverty programme, she founded the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business in 2010, then took on hosting it, and acted as Editor of the Hub for 7 years before it transitioned into managed by IBAN. Government health care will require higher tax. Voters frequently support measures that sound noble and beneficial but end up causing serious mischief — and often hurt the very groups the measures were intended to help. GOVERNMENT OVER-REGULATION HAS A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS OF U.S. MANUFACTURERS Government over-regulation negatively impacts the U.S. manufacturing industry’s ability to compete in a global marketplace. Advantages and disadvantages of monopolies. Another new kind of positive regulation is emerging, which specifically creates incentives for inclusive business. For example: Regulations that require photo identification to participate in democracy often require administrative fees and what-not. Higher income tax may lead to lower incentives to work (though whilst taxes will rise, health insurance costs will be lower. Three different examples from India illustrate the point: Positive regulation: regulations that raise standards can be critical for growth of an inclusive business. Increasingly we see a host of positive and negative influences of government and policy, some more explicit than others. Provide basic health care and education standards. It’s interesting to hear the Kenyan Government has introduced a requirement for training of solar-system installers. But the costs for safe wiring, certification and connection were simply too high and the reliability of the grid too low, to make the investment worth it. national defense) from general taxation. Voters frequently support measures that sound noble and beneficial but end up causing serious mischief — and often hurt the very groups the … There is no doubt that the solar product sector is suffering from customer dissatisfaction with cheap low-quality products on the market. So far it is mainly donors, rather than national governments, that have explicitly invested in business service providers, incubators, accelerators, IB Hubs, financial intermediaries. Part of the reason, particularly in India, is the less friendly regulatory environment. Sproxil provides an SMS verification service to help customers avoid counterfeit medicines. It has also had to invest in local expertise to navigate the intricacies of local health regulation in Ghana. Waste Ventures gathers and recycles waste, creating jobs for marginalized people and cleaner cities. The corresponding link can be found in every issue of our newsletter. At one extreme, free-market economists/libertarians, argue that government intervention should be limited to all but the most basic services, such as the protection of private property and the maintenance of law and order. The government can provide universal health care so no-one dies due to lack of affordability. Part of the business is run as a public private partnership with government, won through a tender by ZHL and paid for by government. Interventionism Government Intervention Regulation Central Planning Environmentalism. What will the man do, if he follows pecuniary incentives? In California, one man with two prior felony convictions was sentenced to 25 years to life for being with a friend who got caught selling $20 of cocaine to an undercover cop. The private sector may have profit incentives to cut costs and offer innovative new treatments that would be desired. Current regulation of over-the-counter derivatives has, for instance, an indirect negative effect on the ability to contribute to long-term investment, as the rules reduce available funds. Some groups obviously did not benefit from the higher prevalence of seat belt usage. – A visual guide – from £6.99. In the US where the private sector has large role, unexpected medical bills cause bankruptcy. The Competitive … Several companies mentioned in this blog are members of Business Call to Action and the examples are taken from, Sanergy, Bridge Academies and Solar Now are investees of Fund Managers within the, Waste Ventures was a grantee of Sida’s Innovations Against Poverty. Under a system of private insurance where someone else is paying, millions may be spent on treatments with only very marginal improvements on the quality of life. Fees in this manner (i.e. The government can bulk buy medicines, supplies and also offer specialised services. Reasons for Government intervention . But government investment in the SME sector, in SME finance, consumer awareness, and information systems are also building the ecosystem that enables inclusive business to grow. I had always assumed off-grid solar energy products were for households that are simply too far from the grid. At the other extreme, Marxist economists argue that the government should intervene in all areas of the economy to ensure the most efficient and equitable distribution of resources. Besides the injustice of violating property rights, this regulation produces perverse results. This was the first such tender, and the demonstration effect of ZHL’s business helped make the case for such an approach. DataWind’s initiative to provide low-cost data tablets in India has been boosted by the government’s subsidisation of mobile tablets in an effort to improve the quality of and access to education. These can cause unemployment among low-skill workers and apartment shortages for those without connections. Failure to serve: I think we know but often don’t say, that inadequacies in government provision are actually what drive business opportunities at the BoP. The Regulation Questions. This included California’s famous 1994 “Three Strikes and You’re Out” rule (Proposition 184), where someone convicted of a third felony would get 25 years to life. If and when government expands the network of sewers, or network of electricity pylons, what happens to the business of these companies? Main areas of government intervention include: Can I get the possible effects of a government intervening in the labour Market by imposing a minimum wage. Some states wanted to “do more” for the environment, so they passed tighter mandates. The government can ration health care to where it is actually needed and helpful. Cutting costs may involve cutting the quality of care. If firms don’t have to provide private health care costs, it will reduce the costs of employing workers. People need to think through the full consequences of a policy, because often it will lead to a cure worse than the disease. Business will set new norms for government provision, and government provision will push business to innovate further.

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