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Sonia Gandhi is far and away the best example of ‘enculturation’ of the Constanzo Beschi and Di Nobili kind. Usage Frequency: 1 This temple law is known as “Shri Sabhanayagar Koil Sattam”. See Thazhakadu Church Inscription of Chera King Rajasimha, [1028-1043 C.E]. The Dikshitars would be on duty at the temple 20 at a time and each batch of 20 stays for 20 days till each has in his turn performed the complete tour of puja at the different shrines of the temple where the daily pujas are held. It crafted the diabolic Aryan Invasion theory which said –, –        Brahmins were an alien race called Aryans who invaded the country, defeated the native populace or Dravidians and drove them away from North India to the South, –        The Vedas are the roots of Hinduism and the Vedas are composed in Sanskrit, –        Brahmins spoke Sanskrit while the defeated Dravidian race spoke Tamil (Kannada and Telugu, languages in the Dravidasthan as conceived of by the Church and Naicker have been placed on the back burner for the present in favour of Tamil. There are many religious and historical records to show that the temple belonged to the Community of Podu Dikshitars, besides two judgments of the Hon’ble Division Bench of the Madras High Court. There are prescribed regulations for physical verification of these (jewellery) once in 4 days, 20 days and six months. M.Talreja, Holy Vedas and Holy Bible, 15. Investing in political parties is the Church’s latest venture in Tamil Nadu. To extend the Latin Christendom to the soil of the Hindus. To proclaim by public discourse; to utter in a sermon or I was a hinder ance to it. It is not clear why Indira Gandhi and MGR privileged the LTTE over other Tamil political groups, parties and formations, but it was this privileging and the money, arms and training provided to the LTTE which gave LTTE the brute power and the motive to decimate the leadership and cadre of all other Tamil groups so it could emerge as the sole representative of the Tamil-speaking people of Sri Lanka. Further, Shankaracharya had submitted that the apex court should address an important question as to which state should be vested with the power of appeal against the order of the trial court. This poisonous Aryan-Dravidian propaganda inter alia also meant –, –        Hinduism is only Brahminism (the Romila Thapar brand of history writing uses this language), –        Because the Vedas are the roots of Hinduism and the Vedas are composed in Sanskrit and it is the religion of the alien race which invaded and occupied this land, Tamil-speaking Dravidians are not Hindus, –        Dravidians are not Tamil-speaking Hindus in South India but are Tamil People (Tamil Inam) with a culture that has nothing to do with Hinduism, –        Saivism, the religion of the Tamil People of Dravidasthan, is Tamil Saivism and therefore is not Hinduism. ... What started as a small Dancing Hall (‘Citrambalam’, meaning ‘small hall’) of Siva later became a huge temple complex. The Congress and the BJP would now be subject to pressures not only from Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa but also from Vaiko, Thol Thirumavalavan and Ramdoss; not to speak of the good reverend Father Jegath Gaspar Raj, the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam and the Indian Christian Front. 1. The Division Bench also clearly recorded that the net income of the temple is their recognized means of livelihood. Having created and then deepened previously unknown faultlines in Hindu society, the Church simply had to wait for natural dynamics to take their course from the point of origin called the Justice Party. This may still happen if India’s polity, especially Hindus like Lalu and Mulayam, notional Hindus like Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar and deracinated Hindus in the INC and BJP do not see even now the ultimate purpose of religious conversion and the real purpose behind the thousands of crores of foreign money that is pumped every year into the country by western governments and foreign churches. It is only during the British period that the Christian society came into being in the Malabar region. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-01-10 Contextual translation of "persecution" into Tagalog. Even though the Justice party was formed to serve non-Brahmin political interests, the founders and early members of the party TM Nair, Sir P Thegaraya Chetty, the Rajas of Bobbili, Ramnad and Panagal were practicing Hindus and did not subscribe to Tamil secessionist theology associated with later Dravidian political cults. Therefore it functioned here as an offshoot of Hinduism till the arrival of Portuguese. ongratulations, Church, you have arrived!!! For example the leaders of the athiest communists in West Bengal and Kerala are Brahmins! From moonshoot to balconing: discover the latest words added to the Collins Dictionary. Usage Frequency: 1 Thus the earliest migrant Christian population was numerically a negligible section. The Tamil Nadu Government had maintained that Section 24 CrPC provides exclusive right to a state for appointing its own public prosecutor and hence the pontiff’s plea should not be entertained. The magazine further said, “Nakkheeran had no intention of damaging the reputation of late Chief Minister MGR (M.G. Quality: The administrative decisions are taken in the presence of the lamp in a democratic manner and all Dikshitars have equal rights in the administration. 16:4, 5. in Spain, see the 1978 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, pages 164-247. 2] Indian Tamil people are indentured labour from the erstwhile Madras presidency forcibly transported to Sri Lanka to work in British owned tea-estates. His conviction was that if you destroy Brahmins then Dharma can be conquered. The 19.1% Christians are the most blessed and 12.8% of them are farmers and 11.2% agricultural labourers. 12.P.K.Balakrishnan, Jati Vyavstituoum Kerala Charitravoum, Kottayam, 1983, 13. Only married male members above 25 years of age, who have gone through an initiation called “Diksha” and whose wives are alive are eligible to be the Chief Priest of the day. Last year the New York Times reported authorities in Xinjiang used “free health checks” as a means to compile a genetic database of the region’s persecuted Uighur populace. Though the matter attained finality, we could still apply the three conditions to form a religious denomination enumerated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in subsequent judgments, including the Shirur Mutt Case, on the Podu Dikshitars. The “Rahasya Pooja” done in the evening is not open for public darshan as are the other poojas. 3. Persecute definition, to pursue with harassing or oppressive treatment, especially because of religious or political beliefs, ethnic or racial origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation. –          “About 250 families of Dikshadars reside at Chitambaram, and the nett income of the temple, which is derived from general offerings, is their recognized means of livelihood. [Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad is a Marxist party organization.]. FIR registered against Nakkeeran editor, but why now instead of 7 years ago when he vilified against Kanchi Acharya? –          The Tamil Canonical works known as Tirumurais clearly record that the Chidambaram temple is the temple of the Podu Dikshitars and all rights of services within the temple complex is entirely theirs. See New Theories in Bible Research, John Dart, Indian Express, dated 9th April 1978. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? On the other hand it is easy to make a Hindu a non-committed Hindu through his schooling. The cancerous objective was to eat away the umbilical cord binding Tamil Hindus to Hindus in the rest of India and replace it with a sense of anti-Hindu Dravidian Tamil and anti-Hindu, non-Hindu Church ‘Tamil’ ness. This turn may come to them once in about 300 days. 14.Kanayalal. Administrative meetings are held once in twenty days and a lamp is brought from the sanctum of Nataraja to denote the presence of the Lord who is the leader of the Podu Dikshitars. The political marginalization of the Brahmins had begun and the Church had every reason to be pleased; the Brahmins were the weakest link in the Hindu chain and pressure had been successfully exerted on the weakest link. The following trends emerged in Tamil Nadu more or less simultaneously from around the mid 1990s decade and continues till the present –, –        The Church began to invest in television news channels, schools of journalism and mass communication; the Church also pushed for creating the department of human rights in Tamil Nadu colleges and universities, –        Foreign governments, notably the UK and US through DFID and USAID began to fund NGOs in India, primarily Christian NGOs, –        Foreign Christian funding agencies like World Vision, Action Aid and agencies from Germany, France and the Netherlands began to fund churches and Christian NGOs, –        Tamil Nadu is the largest recipient of foreign funds, –        The Church began to fund television soap operas and also financed Tamil films, –        Christians are entering the Tamil Nadu film industry and the small screen in almost every area – as directors, producers, actors and music directors, –        Tamil films and television Tamil serials routinely make reference to Tamil People and Tamil Nation, –        The Church is buying hundreds of acres of land across Tamil Nadu; this is visible even in overcrowded Chennai, –        Christians are cornering a major chunk of the reservation quota in admission to institutions of higher learning and also in government jobs; there are growing numbers of Christian students in engineering, medical and law colleges and universities, –        Churches and prayer houses are being built in almost every street in Chennai and close to every Hindu temple, big and small, –        Churches are coming up even in the holiest of holy Hindu temple towns and they are being allowed by Dravidian parties to come up close to temples, –        Foreign Christian missionaries from America, Malaysia and South Korea have a free run of the streets in Chennai, –        Instigating fisher-folk communities is the Church’s latest ploy [3]. During the British period missionaries followed the policy of education and modernization of the natives. From 1972 when the AIADMK (ADMK as it was then called) was formed until today, the DMK and AIADMK have successfully played the Bad cop/Good cop routine with the Hindus of TN. M.Talreja, Holy Vedas and Holy Bible, New Delhi, 2000, p 170. See The, , Vol. In 1597 CE, when a Vaishnava fanatic of the Vijayanagara Empire proceeded to expand the Vishnu temple at the cost of the Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram, more than twenty Dikshitars including women gave up their lives protesting this transgression. Usage Frequency: 1 Get the Best out of the Rest of Your Life. [17]. He is, however, considered not qualified for performing service in the principal shrines, until he is twenty-five years old and initiated in a ceremony called Diksha.”, –          “It is not denied that the institution has been used as a place of public worship from time immemorial but it is said that the public worship in it by permission of the dikshadars.”, [Justices Muthuswamy Aiyer and Sheppard of the Hon’ble Madras High Court – ILR 14 MAD 103 (17/03/1890)], Both religious and administrative duties and rights of the Podu Dikshitars are inseparably intertwined.

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