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From research projects to software development, it’s worth looking into the options available to you to find the perfect fit. Source: Shutterstock. Explore the university website to see which options are available to you, or email the school if it’s unclear. Hopefully, you’ll receive numerous placement offers by the end of the academic year and before the placement year begins. This means you need to decide which position to accept. © 1992 – 2020 International Student Placements. Click here to see our COVID-19 guarantee for all 2021/22 placements. You might be wearing a lab coat or overalls on the job, but that doesn’t mean you should dress this way for the meeting. Use this to help towards the cost of your flight and visa or simply use it as spending money during your stay. Many people join us to gain valuable work experience, but also to experience the many other benefits available to international placement interns. You’ll gain knowledge in the global industry, build networks across borders and graduate with skills you can apply to your future career. Company No. I hope my work here makes up for the good treatment I get!”, "I would really like to thank you for being so involved in finding my internship. Quite simply, we do all the hard work for you! Interviews can be daunting, so it’s useful to practice some questions that are likely to come up. You should also contact any other companies who offered you a placement to politely decline their offer, but ask to keep in touch. The benefits of a placement year are boundless, as you will spend a year working hands-on in your field. If you’re applying for a large company or a competitive position, this will likely be the case. Our new Virtual Australia internships enable you to continue developing and learning as part of the new global online workforce even while international travel is difficult. You should start looking as early as December to give yourself plenty of time for your application to be received and reviewed. Make sure your CV and cover letter is in top shape before submitting your application. © 2020-21 Placement Year International. A year in industry can enhance your career opportunities. Do you want lots of responsibility to really make a difference, or something less intense while you build your expertise? We keep our application process simple to make it fast, secure and easy for you and us. In return for your hard work and new ideas many of our host company partners pay you a local salary. It’s 100% refundable if we can’t find you a suitable work placement. How hard do you want to work? How does this placement fit into your career goals? It’s up to you if you want to negotiate any of the terms like working hours or salary, but be wary that other students could accept the offer if you don’t. If your Tier 4 visa allows you to work in the UK (normally 20 hours per week), then you can work for that many hours in addition to your placement. Our Covid-19 guarantee gives you peace of mind and plenty of options in uncertain times. You should reply to the proposal by whichever means the company lays out, be it a phone call, email or face-to-face meeting. Each role will have its own nuances, so make sure you tailor your CV and cover letter to each one. Placement Year International are experts at arranging paid work placements in Australia, China, the Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and the UK. We specialise in making this happen in a safe and enjoyable way. Is money a consideration? Sarah’s Tourism Management placement in Australia, Kate’s fine-wine-retailing placement in Australia, Bianka’s Hospitality placement in Thailand, Nepal business placement – Evie-May’s feedback from Kathmandu. For all destinations we charge a £195 registration fee. We also arrange Hospitality placements in 4 & 5 Star hotels in Australia, China, the Maldives, Thailand, Vietnam and the UK for undergraduates, graduates and those already working in related jobs. Degrees in STEM subjects are particularly well suited to a placement year, giving you a chance to apply theory you’ve learnt in the classroom to industry challenges, all while improving knowledge and employability. Your booking will be covered by our Covid-19 guarantee. There are many nations around the world which will influence our lives. You’ll also be gaining cultural and travel benefits on top. You may have to wait a few months from your initial application to getting an interview, so don’t leave it too late. Our commitment to recruiting the best interns for our partner businesses, hotels, schools and hospitals has resulted in long term relationships being established with the best business and leisure hotels, local companies, schools and medical facilities. You can also join if you are from the UK and don’t want to spend time arranging a work placement – leave it to us so you can stay focussed on your studies and work. Our paid teaching placements in China and Thailand offer salaries between £640 and £1,700 per month plus many other benefits. This placement is an opportunity to kick-start your career, so if one role or company stands out as your dream job, you should go for this. But, if you’re studying a subject such as chemistry or computer science, there are multiple placements can you choose. China is now a place with so much to offer due to its phenomenal growth in the last few decades.”. All rights reserved. ISP :: International Student Placements / Remarkable American Experiences for International Students :: For over 20 years ISP has placed thousands of international students in all of our distinct programs. If you are a Language and Linguistic Science student, speak to your department about International work placements as part of your Year Abroad programme. If you’re studying a specific stream of engineering or have a particular career path in mind, this should be fairly simple. From the moment you join, we guide you through the process making it stress-free. Placement Year International are experts at arranging paid work placements in Australia, China, the Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and the UK. Do any allow you to travel? Wear a smart suit for corporations, or business-casual if you’re applying to a start-up with a more relaxed culture. Cookie Policy Is money important to you? Because international work placements offer a wealth of opportunity! It was a great thing to discover your program. Many of our destinations are currently affected by international travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. How will your studies enhance the skills you bring to the company? It’s also important to dress correctly for the interview. We’re committed to you and our partners around the world so we employ staff who help you adapt to your exciting new life both before and during your stay. As long as they are relevant to your course, your university should be happy for you to complete your placement there – but you may have to fill in more forms! Our paid placements in the UK are popular with international students studying at UK universities and who want to stay in the UK for their placement year. You may be asked to attend an interview after your initial application to assess how well you’d suit the role. What do you want to get out of the placement? Living in a new and different culture can be a challenge. If employability is the focus of your study abroad experience, a placement year can help you achieve your goal. We expect these restrictions to gradually start lifting in 2021 so if you want to start a placement after 1st January 2021 please submit your CV and covering letter on this page and we will contact you to arrange an interview. Why choose Placement Year International to arrange your business placement? We have strong partnerships with everything from specialised owner-managed companies in Sydney right up … If so, you can narrow your choices down by salary. Why do you think you should get the role? We offer affordable placements for short or long durations. For over 30 years, ISP has successfully placed thousands. We believe that work placements abroad should be mutually beneficial for you and our partner host companies, hospitals and schools alike. What about location? If you’re not sure what will be best for you, try considering: Would you thrive in a close-knit community or in a diverse corporation? We are passionate about the importance of gaining hands on experience and practical training in some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Find out more here. Let them know if you’ll be looking for further work experience during university vacations or after graduation. This will help show your passion for the placement and showcase your abilities. What sets ISP apart from other companies is our professionalism, our caring and committed multilingual staff, and our superior service to students, agents, and schools. By starting the process early, you give yourself plenty of time to tailor each application to the role’s specific criteria. Do any offers allow you to live in an exciting city or beautiful area? Depending on your chosen destination you will often receive a salary and all your accommodation, food, airport transfers, orientation and support is included. You pay for your flights, visa and insurance (if needed) and a placement arrangement fee. Do you want to be close to your university friends? We have hospitality placements available at some of the world’s most prestigious hotels. Opinion: Why you should focus on personal growth before employability. Worried about culture shock? Those who understand other cultures and ways of working overseas have a real advantage. “I wanted to personally thank you for all the help you've given me the last few months, and for allowing me to have this fantastic opportunity.”, "Thank you very much for everything, you found the internship I really wanted. By using the Study.International website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. Alternatively, if the experience is more important, go for the role that sounds most interesting to you. To make full use of the features and services we offer at Study.International, your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to accept cookies, as we can only provide you with certain features of this website by using them. Business, Hospitality & Teaching placements in Australia, China, Maldives, Thailand, UK & Vietnam. Each role will have its own nuances, so make sure you tailor your CV and cover letter to each one. You can read Study International’s tips on writing your CV and cover letter to maximise your chances. Where do you see yourself in five years? Or a research assistant where you will work alongside academics? Some companies may have online applications while others may require you to apply through email. Source: Shutterstock. If you’re having trouble deciding, the following considerations can help: Congratulations on your offers – now it’s time to make a decision! You’ll gain knowledge in the global industry, build networks across borders and graduate with skills you can apply to your future career. You should also consider what type of work you would like to do. Whether you choose to work in a Marketing agency in Sydney or a Hospital in Nepal, a Marriott hotel in Thailand or a school in Shanghai, your placement offers a unique opportunity to gain professional experience, training from experts in their industry and international contacts for life.

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