Additional functions that are available to you are the archive link transfer of optically archived bills and mass reversal of documents.

The following exceptional situations can occur: • A note to payee is available for an incoming payment, to which no open item can be assigned.

It can also be paid sub-annually or cleared. Kindly check help center: Reclassification. FI-CA supports detailed payment advice notes for items in addition to automated payment forwarding.

1)      You have to define a sort method in which you specify the remaining terms for receivables and payables (TC:  obbu), 2)      You have to define adjustment accounts and target accounts (TC: obbv). By continuing to browse this website you agree to the use of cookies. You can calculate interest on cash security deposit payments across the entire period. One example of this type of requirement is the dunning interval, which defines the length of time between reminders. Elimination of interunit revenue and expense. Out of them some may delay or default for payment, after the invoicing is done. Postings are usually generated automatically by the corresponding business processes in FI-CA or by invoicing. The second requirement is to sort items based on remaining terms for balance sheet reporting. If such a situation arises, the program makes the appropriate adjustment postings automatically; the transfer postings are done by remaining term in the financial statements to be able to display the payables and receivables correctly. Documents can also be posted manually.
This means that activities associated with dunning and returns can be performed differently according to the current credit standing of the business partner. You also need an adjustment account for each payables account, together with separate accounts for payables with a remaining term of between one and five years, and for payables with a remaining term of more than five years.

To do so, FI-CA provides extractors for open and cleared items and a sequence of standard reports that build on this information. Select Reclassification of Receivables.

If due line items has a credit balance and the due date is greater than a … • Reclassification Reclassification displays vendors with a debit balance, receivables, and payables according to their remaining term. By adjusting individual values, the value of each receivable can be adjusted to any percentage rate. Interest keys control calculation rules and interest rates. Optional additional information for profitability accounting and analysis can also be transferred.

FI-CA retains sufficient flexibility so that you can add any additional fields required during system configuration. The system automatically rejects collection of the bill amount from the end customer. In the deregulated market, it is possible that cross-company code invoicing or billing for and by a third party will be required. However, a receivable can be marked as doubtful without adjusting a single value. Check management includes the following functions: • Display checks and associated payment documents • Create replacement checks • Voiding of checks with message to the bank This can also cause the payment posting to be voided if necessary. The system uses business transactions in conjunction with additional account assignment characteristics (such as the company code and the division) to determine the relevant G/L and revenue accounts and the corresponding credit/debit indicators automatically.

Once you have maintained the proper Reclassification Ranges, execute your Reclassification of Receivables Run again, the run should now finish without errors.

FI-CA supports electronic data exchange with collection agencies. - A credit balance on a customer account should be displayed as a payable, - A debit balance on a vendor account should be displayed as a receivable. Enhancement Concept FI-CA offers maximum flexibility for adjustments to meet your specific requirements. This means that reports can be created for the posting date due dates or dates on which payment is made. Interface Concept FI-CA works in conjunction with invoicing in mySAP Utilities, which ensures that the automatic transfer of the corresponding postings in FI-CA is possible. In addition to displaying data, the following functions are available: • Payment authority (automatic debit, credit card debit) • Clearing of credit memos • Master data changes Functions in the FSCM Biller Direct trigger an immediate update in FI-CA. FI-CA supports advance payment and customer payment during payment management.

These transactions can be bills receivables or bills payable or might be inter company money transfers which involves G/L Accounts , Customer or Vendor. The system can determine the current amount in the cash register at any stage for monitoring purposes. Both of these documents have a collective balance of zero. Integration with Credit Management Credit management functions are used to define and monitor credit limits. Postings can only be made to open cash desks.

Manual recall can take place if items are handed over incorrectly. FI-CA is also based on streamlined data structures to reduce the database size to the required minimum.

Overpayments can be posted as payments on account and underpayments can be posted as partial payments.

Securities FI-CA supports requests for securities. In addition to selecting the items required (such as cleared items only including statistical items), setting variants give you flexible control options for line construction. This involves the following functions: • Release items for handover to a collection agency Automatic release can take place from the preceding dunning or charge-off processes.

For more information on this functionality, please refer to the following Help Documents: Reclassification of Receivables Quick Guide and Reclassification, Privacy | • G/L account items contain the G/L account that is relevant to the posting transaction (such as the cash receipts account or tax account) The following item types exist in contract accounts receivable and payable: • Open items • Cleared items • Statistical items Open items are receivables that have not yet been cleared. Integration with SAP Business Information Warehouse SAP BW permits strategic reporting based on FI-CA data that is tailored towards your specific requirements. • Customer payment.

Open the Receivables Work Centre. During this process, a reversal document is generated that creates a balance of zero in conjunction with the reversed document. Integration with FSCM Biller Direct Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Biller Direct gives business partners online access to their accounts and bills through the Internet. Help to improve this answer by adding a comment. Receivables can be marked as doubtful if the business partner may no longer be able to settle them. If you want the poster to clarify the question or provide more information, please leave a comment instead, requesting additional details. Search the SAP Community 0 .

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