No refund is allowed to canceling passengers with the Economy Flexible Fare Ticket, Restricted Economy Fare Ticket and Commercial Promotion Tickets. If the scheduled flight time counts less than 0–12 hours, the refund will not be allowed to the passengers, the passengers are only entitled to the tax refund. There may be various reasons for the flight cancellation, such as the weather, the operational delay in the flight. Everyone: take a look at KLM’s statements “Our website offers a self-service option for re-booking. No refunds can be made to L/V/P/W/U classes. India has now suspended entry by tourists so we can’t go there in late March. I nominate CHARLIE for PRESIDENT of the entire WORLD. US Passport Update: Progress is Slow but Good News for..., More Stimulus Checks Ready to Go Out – Here is Who Gets Them and How [Deadline Extended], Second Stimulus Package - This Calculator Shows You What You COULD Get, The NEW Stimulus Package is Coming - Here is How Much You Could Get, More Stimulus Checks Ready to Go Out - Here is Who Gets Them and How, Switch from Garmin to Apple Watch Series 6 (Pro)? And on top of that – no penalties incurred for ticket changes or fare differences! Just call in since you booked it before the end of March – all flights can be changed. That means, currently, it will not be sooner than July 27 that you would get your money. No, Turkish Airlines never cancel flights. with T A , can the flights be changed to a new destination or only a new date? So at the end of the day I’ve made no progress. If you are calling from the US (adjust for calling from your own country), call 011 – 90-850 333 0849. Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation charges are based on multiple factors such as the starting point, the duration between the cancellation and the flight departure, the type of fare selected by the passenger, the time of cancellation and many other facts. All calls to Turkish Airlines are unsuccessful in achieving a change as offered on their website. F15560_pop_requiredFields.push('F15560_pop_email'); Yes, if you cannot fly, you can definitely change the date. I figured it out – I took the 011 off and added +90 for their regular number. var F15558_sb_wait_img=fbz_formMetrics(15558,1); I will update with my experience then. This is especially the case with advanced bookings – as often the airline may change flight times, routes, etc. We would like to change our flights to another date or cancel due to the virus. Buy a flight ticket, make hotel reservation and rent a car. I thought that was a brilliant suggestion, but no luck. After getting busy signal from US call center for past three days, I called their main office in Turkey and got a rep fairly quickly who was very courteous and helped me reachedule our flights. Turkish Airlines is Turkey’s renowned airline that generally operates flights to a large number of the country’s 315 destinations such as Europe, Asia, and Africa. Today, when I went on #TurkishAirlines (#Turkish Airlines) website to write them, I did not see any of these new policies presented! If the passenger cancels the air ticket within 24 hours of the reservation, the passenger will not be responsible for paying any of the cancellation charges. I wished to not have to deal with Turkish Airlines as of now. I have a bit of a problem I had my boyfriend book me a ticket today Wednesday coming but he booked it for the following wedi would like to know how to change the dates. This condition of Turkish Airlines is a weird and, moreover, why they chose the last date for making re-scheduling free-of-fee March 16th 2020? For cancellations within 24 hours of tour, activity or transfer date, we will charge a 100% cancellation fee. Indian Government announced Visa holders, and PIO card holders will be denied boarding at departure which could be Istanbul or US, depending on how Turkish staff are handling this case. Guess I’ll try calling again tomorrow. Change requests can be made through the Turkish Airlines sales offices, call center, and agencies from which the ticket was purchased. In addition, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation of the plane ticket in your mail. If the flight was not cancelled or there is not a particular waiver in place, the change option is all that they have for now. I called their Chicago sales office as well but no one is picking up the phone there! Having booked directly with Turkish Airlines online and being a member of their ‘Miles & Smiles” flyer program seems to not help at all. clearInterval(F15560_pop_wait); They told me that they can’t help me over the phone and I need to drive to my nearest sales office which is 8 hr drive in person to avoid change fee. No refunds can be made to L/V/P/W/U classes. Called airline mutiple times, no one can give me straight answer. Once we confirm your reservation all rates are guaranteed. Now, they are extending that change policy to previously booked tickets as well. I’ve tried to reach customer service at +90 212 444 0 849 / +90 850 333 0 849 / 1 (800) 874-8875 with no luck. Then departure Istanbul arrival Douala. As it is very important for travelers to follow the Turkish airlines cancellation fee table, which usually varies depending on the route or destination you have chosen for the trip. That’s big. Completely ridiculous. However no one picks up my call at the airlines. Thanks. I doubt it is legal, but it seems consumer protection laws are currently not being enforced. Presumably it is very difficult to do. Thanks a lot for the useful info. They shouldn’t be that high at all if everything is staying the same except for date changes. The lady said that we should call Expedia to get our money back. We asked our credit card company if we should dispute this through them and were told that Expedia may cancel our travel voucher if we do this. Do I misunderstand it? This was on 19th March. In case the passenger has made a mistake when making Turkish Airlines reservations, they can cancel without problems and charge to rebook correctly. Refund may be difficult since they are offering open changes. if(!fbz_F15558_sb_logged){fbz_SmartForm('F15558_sb',feedblitz_full_form);, More from turkish-airlines-cancellation-policy, An Argument for taking a Long Walk // Or, More about me, the cult of the individual and the…, Welcome to Belleville: A Haven for Artists, Immigrants and Revolutionaries in Paris. You will not be charged penalties or fare differences when you ticketing your open ticket, or when you benefit from Zero Change Fee, provided your new ticket is in the same cabin class. Open tickets can be ticketed only once more without paying an additional fee. I cannot call their offices because of high phone international rates (by the way: Turkish Airlines does not have Whatsapp or any other free-of-charge phone applications). How to cancel your Turkish Airlines flight ticketThere are times when the passenger seeks to cancel the flight ticket, but it is difficult for travelers to opt for this because they think that they have to compromise the cancellation fee of Turkish airlines. We were promised a refund on our tickets within 30 days to my credit card. Our ticket is non-refundable ,we bought ticket through an agent in January. An interesting piece of history and some dubious tourism. Call centre can’t get through to. Good luck and I hope for the best! fbz_FitForm('F15560_pop'); 30 days came and went and I called the call centre again. Following a request from the CAA, the airline has changed its practices and now automatically begins a cash refund process once a customer's flight is … For all tickets purchased after that, you can make the change anytime you want later, as long as it is up to 5 days prior to the flight. Can someone please help as the march 16th deadline is approaching soon.

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