I myself have a young child and a wife who was stung as a child. I could be mistaken, but these could possibly have been female hornets looking for a place to nest and become queens? I'm really grateful, thank you. I also poked some holes around the entry points to allow the smell to travel to the hornets.

I made a similar trap to yours and I'm seeing if it will work - if not I will use your design. Thank you Ardot! This will come in very handy to me as I've found a great big hornets nest next to the deck! This type of wasp bait should be used during the spring and summer months as this is when wasps will be looking for this type of bait. Awesome! The trap I went with proved to be very effective, and easy to make. I will also try apple cider vinegar in my own trap!

My next trap will have three pipes and the lowest pipe will be two inches away from the water of death below. It makes for hours of entertainment! Thank you again. I didn't have white vinegar so I use apple cider vinegar instead. The rest of my day was spent planning what I should do to fix the problem. The key ingredient of this whole trap is to use one drop... ONE DROP of dish soap. He enjoys abstract art and ideas. The dish soap removes the surface tension of the water and causes the hornets to fall right through the surface and deep into the water thus making them drown.

I will try your solution, sounds simple and effective.

I am starting bee hives so I don't want to lose my bees.

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. As spring comes along and we start preparing our gardens for the coming summer, we begin to spend more and more time outside.

Tools I used were box cutter type knife and a marker.

This is the best trap ever in a couple hours it was killed at lest 20 wasps. My trap was placed on the railing of my deck and caught a total of eight hornets before being blown to the ground by strong winds on the following night, so it may be better if it were hung from somewhere. Yes you can alter the trap to catch bees, but a better and less evil way would be to call a professional exterminator, or even a beekeeper. With the marker, trace holes on the bottle with the end of the pipe to know exactly what size holes to cut in the bottle. The bait is the key to the success of this trap. I am a nature lover, but I am very selective to what parts of nature I love! Tried this on the fly with water bottles and most of the ingredients (had no vinegar) and the hornets love it!! They love the jelly ( for a while).

To bait the trap, you'll be putting an enticing food source into the bottom of the bottle. Thanks for sharing! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Last week I discovered that wasps had infiltrated my two beehives, killing my honeybees, eating them, their comb, their honey. I was trimming brush and weeds around our lake when I stumbled into a yellow Jacket ground nest and was attacked by them and was stung 18 times.

Supplies to make a homemade wasp trap. Once the bait is no longer effective, is the trap reusable?

I came across many wasp traps made from pop bottles. In the spring and early summer, wasps are looking for sources of protein. 2 liter pop bottle; Knife or scissors; Sweet beverage like pop or juice; Vinegar; Raw meat or a piece of hot dog for bait. Voted up and useful :). I appriciate and recommend this post. We also have a lot of flowers, so now I wont get stung a lot.

Put them near a window and watch those nasty suckers die! That's it. Thanks!!!

Don't forget to smear vinegar around the openings to deter honey bees. Protein – One type of homemade wasp is a protein based bait. Our private neighborhood pool has a huge BEE problem. Ardot (author) from Canada on July 29, 2012: I'm really happy my hub has helped you guys with your wasp and hornet issues! Bummer.

;). I used half a cup of warm water, half a cup of apple juice, a quarter cup of white vinegar, lots of sugar (three or four teaspoons), a few cat food morsels, and some thin slices of hot dog (They say to use raw meat but that is all I had at the time). So if your entry tubes are lower you will catch them quicker. Ardot (author) from Canada on August 06, 2012: Thanks for the encouragement Sharkye11!

Ardot (author) from Canada on August 19, 2012: Hey Earlene, from what I've been hearing in the news about bees is that they are suffering from some mysterious illness and their numbers are way down (maybe not where you are). I use a couple teaspoons of jelly in the trap to attract them. You should smear some vinegar around the entry points to discourage any passing honey bees from entering. As soon as the hornets enter the trap they seem to want to get out right away but cannot seem to find the hole.
We have a couple of nest under the eave of our 2nd floor. Skeptical about the whole thing, I placed my trap outside, near where all the hornets were buzzing and went back in the house to get ready to go to the store to buy some kind of bug spray or something. If you are an adamant nature lover or take any offence to killing hornets or wasps I am sorry. Traps are another effective way to get rid of wasps. Have taken all the usual precautions, but they are relentless. I have used this method for years.

The purpose of this article is to instruct people who would like reclaim their outdoor spaces on how to trap and kill hornets and wasps. pesky hornets usually poses a problem for me minimizing them in the yard. I noticed the hornets snoop around the trap from the bottom up and usually enter the lower entrance first. The bait is the key to the success of this trap. Fill the bottom two or three inches with the excellent bait recipe mentioned above,being sure to smear vinegar at the openings to repel beneficial honey bees, and watch the wasps and hornets plunge to their deaths! Jayme Kinsey from Oklahoma on August 06, 2012: Definitely! idigwebsites from United States on August 28, 2012: this reallyped a lot! I used half a cup of warm water, half a cup of apple juice, a quarter cup of white vinegar, lots of sugar (three or four teaspoons), a few cat food morsels, and some thin slices of hot dog (They say to use raw meat but that is all I had at the time).

Best Homemade Wasp Baits & Attractant Recipe For Traps.

The vinegar is to deter the pollinating bee populations that we NEED and take out the invasive and predatory hornets that use painful/deadly venom on humans and that also feed on GOOD BEES.

I mean we have SWARMS of them. The pipes are then pushed into the bottle openings with the pipes' openings pointed towards the top. Dish soap; String or wire to hang it; Tape; Directions to make a homemade wasp trap.
And they're dying for it! I’ve set up a couple of wasp traps baited with sugar water with a dash of wine vinegar. Hornets, wasps and yellow-jackets are not included, since we have some allergic people around here. Watch the video below for instructions on how to prepare the trap and what ingredient to use to attract wasps like crazy. When I came back a little while later there were one or two hornets already in the trap, floating in the water! I'm glad it worked for you! You can easily create a DIY wasp trap at home using a two letter plastic bottle. They seem to almost find it then abandon their path and fly around frantically. If you draw enough away from the nest it might just kill the colony. Thank you very much I'll be making one or two for work since there seems to be a nest somewhere on our building.

Ardot lives and breaths on this planet. Have fun with the build!

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