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The inspection tracking tool was used to note the decision to defer the 4AL2 EMAT in-line inspection from 2017 until fall 2018. The pipeline originates at Nig Creek booster station No. Measured potential values are then analyzed and compared to criteria specified in the regulatory requirements. We’ve discussed the loss of production that could potentially hit the DJ Basin if Proposition 112 passes and the implications of new demand coming online in the form of West Coast LNG. As the 2 Westcoast pipelines were brought back online, the service was continually balanced, and slowly the curtailment of service was reduced based on the forecasted demand and available supply. Royal Dutch Shell and Phillips 66 both shut down refineries in the region, resulting in an increase in wholesale gasoline prices in the Pacific Northwest. During manufacture, it was externally coated with extruded polyethylene. While the crack growth mechanism could not be confirmed, it is likely that the hook crack was the initiating crack, which had been growing over an undetermined period of time. TC Alberta’s current maintenance plan shows that average Westgate capacity for November 1 through December 15 will be 2.38 Bcf/d. Westcoast is currently conducting engineering assessments on both lines and is targeting mid-November for an operational capacity increase to 840 MMcf/d at the Huntingdon constraint point, further downstream from Station 4B. Locations where SCC was either modelled to exist or had been identified by EMAT in-line inspections required further verification by integrity digs. These are used to clearly identify the high-risk areas and to reduce the hazards to the on-site responders and members of the public. At the time of the occurrence, the sky was cloudy and the temperature was approximately 0 °C. There were no injuries. Foothills B.C. Uranium fuel, nuclear reactors, generation, spent fuel. Fortunately, garbage pickups were able to resume service with the help of gas flows from the network of pipes in the West, mapped below. It restricted the operating pressure of NPS 36 L2 to 88% between Station 2 and Huntingdon Meter Station. On 21 September 2012, following a successful hydrostatic test of the entire pipeline at a minimum test pressure of 125% MOP, the Nig Creek pipeline was returned to normal service. Pipeline companies must also enter into discussions with these agencies to ensure that an emergency response can be appropriately coordinated in case of an incident. Principal contributors: Michael Mobilia, Owen Comstock, Tags: This skill development process is important for when the individual is required to perform in an emergency while under stress. Emergency response planning at all levels of government and communities is key to ensuring that a response to an emergency occurs in a way that is organized and safe. As such, no remedial action was required. Usually, the initial crack size is based on data collected by in-line inspection. The inspection frequency for near-neutral pH SCC using electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) in-line inspections was based on Westcoast’s risk assessment of the NPS 36 L2 pipeline.Footnote 19 The resulting calculated inspection interval was then compared with Westcoast’s maximum interval of 9 years for monitoring SCC using in-line inspections. This type of activity helps employees develop a level of familiarity with the location of other facilities, access routes, and valve operations. A sour natural gas pipeline transports natural gas with a hydrogen sulphide partial pressure that exceeds 0.3 kPa at the design absolute pressure, as defined in CSA Z662. Although Westcoast’s Stress Corrosion Cracking Hazard Management Plan recognized the pipeline’s susceptibility to near-neutral pH stress corrosion cracking, the extent of the existing cracking on this segment of pipe was not identified. Retail gasoline prices in the area were already rising because of recent increases in crude oil prices. Pipeline personnel were dispatched to the Nig Creek booster station and to other related Westcoast and Bonavista facilities in the area. The time-averaged growth ratesFootnote 18 for the environmental component of the cracks were 0.3 and 0.63 mm/year respectively. The total volume of gas released was 955 000 m³ (approx.) the inspection and repair of all excavated pipe for evidence of stress corrosion cracking. The stress corrosion cracking electromagnetic acoustic transducer in-line inspection for the 4AL2 segment, scheduled for 2017, was deferred until fall 2018, resulting in the existing cracks remaining in the pipe undetected until failure. However, there were no records indicating that a proposed deviation, rationale, or a technical assessment had been done, or that the deferral request had been approved, even though Westcoast’s standard operating practice required these to be documented. The crack characteristics were consistent with near-neutral pH SCC (Figure 8). Enbridge Inc., Stress Corrosion Cracking Hazard Management Plan (30 October 2017). On 15 July 2012, the Bonavista pipeline was returned to normal service. At 0245, the Bonavista pipeline was depressurized to 0 kPa. Between approximately 2314 and 2323 on 28 June 2012, 2 sets of low-pressure alarms of medium priority originating from sensors within the BS-9 station were reported by the Westcoast SCADA system and displayed on the system's alarm screens. The assessment indicated that there had been little to no change in the condition of the A4L2 pipeline segment since the in-line inspection conducted in 2003. Monthly and yearly energy forecasts, analysis of energy topics, financial analysis, congressional reports. A hook crack or upturned fibre imperfection is defined in American Petroleum Industry (API) Standard 5T1 as "Metal separations, resulting from imperfections at the edge of the plate or skelp, parallel to the surface, which turn toward the inside diameter or outside diameter pipe surface when the edges are upset during welding.". The Regulations further require pipeline operators, through incorporation by reference, to adhere to applicable mandatory provisions of the latest edition of CSA Standard Z662. The rupture of the Bonavista pipeline was the result of overheating due to fire impingement, which had lowered its yield strength, reducing its ability to withstand the internal pressure. also delivers a small amount of gas within British Columbia. The aim of the exercise was to emphasize the importance of Westcoast employees being able to respond to emergencies at compressor stations that were not part of their regular assignments. The requirements of the survey results are based on NACE SP0169-2013 (formerly RP0169) Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems (04 October 2013). It is not the function of the Board to assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability. In an emergency, the NEB holds the company responsible for responding appropriately by monitoring, observing, and assessing the overall effectiveness of the company’s emergency response, while taking part in the single or unified command framework.Footnote 30. The successful hydrostatic tests in 1961 were not sufficient to address the development of a time-dependent growth mechanism associated with the original longitudinal seam defects that might later threaten the integrity of the pipeline while in operation. The rupture had originated at stress corrosion cracks on the outside surface of the pipe, consistent with near-neutral pH stress corrosion cracking. To practise and coordinate an emergency response plan, all participants of that plan need to have the same understanding of the emergency scenario and the same understanding of what each member of the group should or will do in response to that scenario. Many small local communities, including the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation, rely on mutual aid partners and larger community first response personnel in an emergency. To remove these restrictions, Westcoast was required to submit engineering assessments for NEB review to ensure the safe operation of the relevant segments of NPS 36 L2. It was decided to shut down the pipeline. The decision was made to begin isolating the NPS 30 L1 segment between compressor stations 4A and 4B (4AL1 segment) by closing valves through the CGC. Imports of natural gas through the pipeline, which in the first half of the year averaged 1.1 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) at the Sumas hub import point, fell to zero for a day after the rupture. Following the rupture, the natural gas being transported was released and ignited, resulting in a fire. For example: Further, Westcoast has implemented a more conservative approach in responding to pipeline inspection data that may identify areas requiring closer monitoring or earlier maintenance work. In those instances where such tools are not readily available or suitable to reliably detect defects of interest, the effective management of cracks and crack-like defects in operating pipelines continues to require complementary measures, including but not limited to periodic hydrostatic testing. monitoring of the effectiveness of the inhibitor and pigging programs (that is, by using weight loss coupons and hydrogen probes).

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