Press Windows key + r (+ r). Press Windows key + r (+ r). If the date is different, it will fail guest customization as well, and I have to manually adjust the base VM, activate it, then go back to Horizon and restart the process, and customization proceeds normally. Namely that my Windows 10 guest would no longer boot.

After the reboot, you should now be prompted to select which safe mode you wish to use. Q: Why is the time wrong in my virtual machine (VMware)? Right now it's 7:58 am and the vm says it's 5:02 am. If the device were in MSI mode, we’d see another subkey “Device Parameters\Interrupt Management\ MessageSignaledInterruptProperties”, but we’re not, so we’ll need to add the “MessageSignaledInterruptProperties” subkey: And inside our new “MessageSignaledInterruptProperties” subkey, we’ll need to add a sword MSISupported: (Sorry, I took the screenshots after the fact, so the subkeys already exist.). An effective way to address it is to install VMware Tools in the VM, and to turn on time synchronization via the Options > Miscellaneous Options tab. « MIT Information Systems & Technology website. but how can i find the VEN number without having access to the device manager? It’s only when a “real” driver, either from NVIDIA or from Windows Update is installed that Windows crashes (no green screen or BSOD, however). With GPU passed through, and on clean Windows 10 install, Windows loads just fine and even displays on the monitor. Below is the issue summary from my Reddit post.

At least Nvidia’s draconian drivers can be useful for something…. An effective way to address it is to install VMware Tools in the VM, and to turn on time synchronization via the Options > Miscellaneous Options tab. After update, refer first post grub config and remove extra modules from /etc/modules you will get latest version with no BSOD/GSOD issue. You can always manually set the time once the machine starts, but that might be a pain to remember to do every time you publish a new image. Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues. No because they are on the domain and should sync with the domain controllers. Are you syncing date/time  with the vSphere host? availability, View additional No dice again. From the console/remote desktop, open Device Manager. ), You may search for time, or clock, synchronization in the main Vmware KB at, (Original vmware article does not appear to be available. I would still try to get into recovery mode, you should be able to and it’s by far the easiest/cleanest way to fix this problem. Step 1. It's Windows 10 and yes, time zone and adjust for daylight saving time automatically are set correctly. Change Startup type to Automatic (if it’s not already set to Automatic). {{articleFormattedCreatedDate}}, Modified: If I recall correctly, Nvidia tries to force line-based interrupts on us for some reason, even though it’s 2020. Right click on the clock from the taskbar and select ‘Adjust date/time’ Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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