It means something extra when a player puts on those uniforms because of the history and legacy attached to them. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow (and then we’ll have a new raffle that day to boot!). Since January of 2018, the resurrected XFL has changed its appearance from the league it was nearly two decades ago. Fair enough, I seem to have misunderstood what you were trying to say. Sort of refreshing in its transparently Oregon-aspirational approach. Instead, I gave them space — and, as I noted upthread, gave them all the respect and seriousness they deserved within that space.

Michael Klyce, The Times 2018 football coach of the year, resigns from Locke.

Their helmet’s color scheme is reminiscent of the original XFL’s Memphis Maniax. Does anyone else see a “DC” where the lightning bolts cross in the logo? Who’da thunk? I am usually not a fan of oversized logos on helmets (see the Bucs), but the size of NY’s logo on this helmet works perfectly. These are the Houston Roughnecks. Loved that the old XFL style guide included chin strap color. Even the merch shop has no indication of who the manufacturer is. I think this is really nice set of uniforms. The new XFL uniforms are as bland as the original attempt was groundbreaking. All Black – New Zealand. Custom Outfitters is not a division of Adidas. I don’t mind the DC uni because it’s the least gimmicky. This is the @XFLVipers’ venom-infused, snake-scale-green, ready-to-strike uniform. Let’s take an in-depth look and review all eight of the XFL uniforms. This is kind of a Jekyll & Hyde design, with the home uniforms seeming like there is too much going on, while the road uniform looks like something is missing.

They’ll have dozens of viewers!

The Rays credited the baseball gods for their victory over the Dodgers in Game 4 of the World Series, but those otherworldly forces deserted them in Game 5. If I had to pick the least offensive outfit, I’d go with NY. A+ on the gift guide: I found the coasters a nice way to round out a gift set, and I have spent far too much time looking at all of the vintage pennants (don’t you hate when you look to buy gifts for friends and family and then it turns out you spot a bunch of great things for yourself?). That “gets it” thing has always been elitist and annoying to me. Plain, sure, but these days I’ll take plain over what most college and recent NFL teams have to offer. So many modern-day uniforms are very busy in incorporating several accented colors into play. Kevin Gilbride ? Clearly the low point of the new uni set. Additional photos and embarrassingly worded info here.

Thankfully, they didn’t go that route. Comparing them to the NFL, DC beats the Cardinals, the Wildcats beat the Bucs, and the Renegades white beats the Titans. I actually dig the New York Guardians uniform, it looks like a traditional look and has the stripes and colors where they need to be. The XFL revealed the helmets and uniforms for its eight teams this week.

Putting a little spice on some blandness is a good thing. Nearly two years in the making and on the eve of football activities starting up with over 500 players reporting to minicamps, the XFL unveiled the uniforms and helmets for all eight of their teams. Mike Mitchell is a freelance sports writer, analyst, and a general lover of all football. A very good choice.

Chargers’ Justin Herbert joined Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow as the only rookie quarterbacks to throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns and run for a score in one game. The whites flow. There is nothing wrong with most of these uniforms so I don’t understand all the hate. Hmmm, where have I heard that before? Hence the term rooting for the laundry. It’s really a matter of personal preference when it comes to the colors used.

This is the @XFLWildcats’ black, orange, red-and-rough, check-out-those-claw-marks uniform. Additional photos and embarrassingly worded info here. a lot of people worked REALLY HARD on it” but it’s not just that you don’t like it, it’s the perfunctory nature of “looks like high school, looks like arena league, mono=bad” and snark like the needless shot of reader-submitted uniform designs that make it hard to read this as anything other than reflexive cynicism.

Total snoozers.

Football is getting less popular in this country, why would people be clamoring for more of it–especially a minor league with players they’ve never heard of and teams they have no connection to? … Hysteria Brewing, based in Columbia, Md., made a beer can featuring the consensus NFL MVP frontrunner, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. From the neck down, St. Louis’ uniforms are as simple as it gets.

• As you can see in the group shot above, each team has a distinct number font, but they all seem very similar (and similarly awful). FIFA may be corrupt, but it has a reason to exist. The one steady is the emerald green and orange combination. In my dictionary, all-white is mono too. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. • If the XFL is any indication, grey is going to be a very popular color in 2020. Birmingham Bolts. Now the city is the first urban center in California where the risk of infection is rated as minimal. The helmets are very bold, and almost reminiscent of the USFL’s Michigan Panthers. Seriously, who approved this? That’s the team I’d follow.

The Guardians logo kind of gets lost on the road uniform’s shoulders, because it is like colored but it’s a small nitpick. This is the @XFLDragons’ orange and blue, monstrously-mean-Emerald-City-green uniform. Plenty of legitimate criticisms for the new XFL unis, boring ain’t one of them. I don’t know about the overall design (or the logo), but I am really liking the Tampa Bay color combination, particularly the apple green of the helmet. Hello Dwayne. I don’t understand the criticism that the XFL unis are “boring”. Here’s the official release. … As we previously reported, Pitt wore black and yellow unis against Rutgers, which went with red. Also, pairing a bright, shiny helmet with all those drab, grey tones makes no sense. More or less what everyone was expecting the whole league to look like. To the league’s credit, they could have gotten cute with this concept and tried to incorporate some form of scaling in the uniforms to reflect actual Vipers. No team look in the XFL stands out more than Tampa’s, this coming from a team that appeared to be a complete contrast from the BattleHawks in name and in the logo. Nothing offensive, but nothing exciting. Poor comparison. For whoever long the XFL plays, it will looks like football.

Red and Navy are a time-tested color combination that have been a staple of pro and college sports teams for years. they instead with with pretty basic unis for the most part, so in a weird way, it’s disappointing.

From the helmet logo to the color scheme, this uniform fairly screams, “Arena league!” Probably the worst set of the batch. I gave it every bit of respect and seriousness that it deserved. It’s the home uniforms that might take some getting used to.

At least research your subject, Paul. If so can you look into having a team in San Diego. Cool colors, but nothing else really stands out. Houston makes me think what would happen if the Montreal Alouettes bought the historical rights to the Houston Oilers and decided to make fauxbacks. Yeah, this is where I’m at. It was a little spicy this morning. Light road jersey, dark pants.

June Jones ?

“Off-brand,” as Paul complains? The monochrome designs work for me here, and there’s enough contrast with the piping to break up the leotard effect. What I’m engaging in is skepticism, not cynicism. Less is more and it leaves an opening down the road for potential alternate uniforms that potentially incorporate a third color into the mix. The helmet to me might be the best overall in the league. It was a treat to see him in person. This is the @XFLBattleHawks’ S-T-L-pride, winged-sword-designed, silver-and-blue-born-and-raised-in-the-Lou uniform. The whole tone of this article is like when a music critic gets burnt out and doesn’t enjoy anything anymore. I suppose I could have just included a single Ticker link: “Here are all the new XFL uniforms.” That would arguably have been more appropriate. The Guardians were the best in show. Love the pants striping. Looks like a stock uniform from the New Balance catalog. Love the facemask color. The XFL, by contrast, is a (supposedly) professional organization that had lots and lots of time to create its uniforms. The lucky winner will get to choose any item from the Vintage Brand website (including the hilarious Ohio State cutting board shown above — they really need to bring back that logo!). Just like, too much snark and dogmatic rules (I think those DC uniforms are nice, but wait, mono-color is “high school” or “color rash” or something, so it’s bad). Hate the fact that they all went with the same template and fonts.

The comparison I was making reflected poorly on the XFL, not on contest entrants. The road uniforms are a much cleaner and safer look. I mean opinions are opinions but this just seems less like criticism and more like cynicism.

New York could have gone with an alternate logo on their shoulder sleeves.

Did a bunch of tweeting about it on Twitter. Dallas Renegades Receiver Ryan Broyles Retires, XFL Bankruptcy keeps Vince McMahon off Forbes 400, XFL owners recognize the plight of journeyman football players, Walker, Parham among those with XFL ties to survive cut-down day, XFL co-owner Dany Garcia suffers celebratory injury.

Grade: C+”, – “that pointy [pants] striping feels more arena league than NFL. The all-white road jerseys are fine, but are not as dynamic as the home look. What Paul did last night: Last night the Tugboat Captain and I went to Manhattan to see the world’s greatest living graphic designer, Milton Glaser (in the center of the photo above), and his longtime collaborator Walter Bernard (on the right) discussing their new book, Mag Men: Fifty Years of Making Magazines, which is about their design and art direction work on such publications as New York (which Glaser co-founded), Time, Fortune, The Nation, and many others. I guess I don’t “get it” anymore.

Resolute and rippling with heat, they toil in a red as fiery as a flaming flare stack. Bob Stoopes ? The comparison I was making reflected poorly on the XFL… That’s some serious detail info. I have a feeling that this will change by the time the season opens — like, maybe they’re still negotiating with Under Armour, or whomever — but we’ll see. The Guardians also have a pretty nice looking helmet, superior to some recent weak efforts like the Bucs or Jets. Why can’t Florida ever get good football uniforms? But I can only address things in the way that makes sense to me, so that’s what I did. … Difficult game to watch, as New Orleans and LSU went white vs. silver last night (from multiple readers). The games will be on over air networks and if it’s at all competitive and they’re smart with money they have a chance. But in summery, worst is that Tampa monstrosity. Are the Roughnecks a modernized and upgraded Oilers tribute team, or are they a blatant rip-off? But I don’t enjoy bad uniform designs from leagues that have little if any reason to exist. That’s so bad it’s good. • As you’ll see in a minute, they did an excellent job of showing full-body front and back views of every team’s home and road uniforms. The look in this area to me feels unfinished. One entry per person. Click on the “Additional embarrassing info” link at the end of each wrap-up. Such cool stuff. They take some risks, not all of them pay off, but except DC, none of them are just playing it safe and simple. The colors don’t scream knock-off that’s for sure.

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